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SYFY WIRE Final Fantasy VII

Sony State of Play reveals first look at Final Fantasy VII Remake, Predator: Hunting Grounds and more

By Christian Long

It's been a long few years, but it's looking like the remake of Final Fantasy VII is starting to come together.

A full trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed at the tail end of Sony's second State of Play livestream (shown below in its entirety). The upcoming PS4 title showed off a mix of cutscenes and gameplay, though all of it taking place in the city of Midgar very early on in the story. While exciting, Sony didn't reveal any further info — except that they'll reveal more info this June.

Here's a look at the full trailer:

The remake of the game that was the reason to buy a PlayStation in the late '90s was first announced four years ago. Since then, it's undergone some drama between developers, leading some to wonder whether it would ever see the light of day. Even though there's no official release date, the fact that there's a trailer is enough to allow some cautious optimism.

Sony also teased a few more upcoming titles, including Predator: Hunting Grounds. There wasn't any gameplay footage, but the online multiplayer shooter promises it will have players teaming up to take down the intergalactic trophy hunter. Fox is working closely with Illfonic in developing the game, which looks to draw heavily from the vibe of the first film.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is due out sometime in 2020.

One of the more intriguing previews was for Away: The Survival Series, an original PS4 title that takes its inspiration from nature documentaries — right down to the stately British narration. Playing as a Sugar Glider on a tropical island, it's a literal survival of the fittest as you have to use strength, determination, and adaptability to make it to the end.

As you can see in the full State of Play livestream below, also included was an extended trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which is due out this September; a remake of Medievil; and the hack-and-slash retro-platformer Riverbond. Sony also teased a new limited-edition PS4 console, which will come in space gray and be available during next month's annual Days of Play promotional event.

Are you excited to revisit the world of Final Fantasy VII again? Let us know in the comments.