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Star Wars Celebration cosplay gallery

By Donnie Lederer
Muppet Wars

The latest incarnation of Star Wars Celebration took place April 11-15 in Chicago, Illinois. Thousands of Star Wars fans gathered at McCormick Place in the Windy City to brave the wind one day and the snow another (we're going to call that "Hoth Appreciation Day"). From the reveal of the title and trailer for Episode IX to the first look at the first Star Wars live-action television series, The Mandalorian, Celebration had something for every Star Wars fan.

Of course, we can't forget the cornerstone of any convention: the cosplay.

While the cosplay at Celebration had a specific theme, it was about how creative you could get with the subject to make it more special. From the Muppets to Spider-Man to Samurai, everyone wanted to make their Star Wars costume different. You can check out ALL the different outfits in the gallery below.

Regardless of what people wore, or who they chose to cosplay, what is undeniable is their passion. Star Wars is a significant part of these fans' lives, and thanks to events like Celebration, there will always be a place where they can share that love.