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SYFY WIRE Suicide Squad

WIRE Buzz: Suicide Squad reveals stellar (yet disposable) cast; Supernatural drops final season trailer

By Jacob Oller
suicide squad

James Gunn’s upcoming take on DC’s The Suicide Squad, which he’s bringing to the big screen before returning to Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, has kept fans on the edges of their various seats thanks to its ever-growing and star-studded cast. However, none of these casting announcements have come from Gunn or the production side of things — until now.

Today, Gunn posted a cast listing on Twitter that featured many actors previously rumored to be in the superhero (or antihero) film, plus seven more that fans had yet to hear about. Take a look:

This listing even confirms that Michael Rooker will be in the film, after the GotG actor denied his casting as King Shark earlier this year. The new faces that will be joining Rooker, Taika Waititi, John Cena, and more are Tinashe Kajese (Valor), Alice Braga (The New Mutants), Juan Diego Botto (Good Behavior), Julio Ruiz (Preacher), Mayling Ng (Wonder Woman), Jennifer Holland (Brightburn), and Joaquín Cosio (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). 

That’s a diverse cast, one with notable Latinx talent. Perhaps that, and the fact that The Suicide Squad is reportedly filming in Panama, might indicate the plot of the film takes place in South America, possibly mimicking early John Ostrander plotlines from the comic. If there’s one thing ‘80s comics (like the run called The Nightshade Odyssey) loved, it was taking down cartels.

Hopefully fans will learn more about the plot of The Suicide Squad and who all these actors are playing before the film hits theaters Aug. 6, 2021.

Next, Supernatural fans will have to start coping with the reality that the long-running CW show is coming to an end. Nothing makes the final season feel more real than its first trailer.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) are alone together again, and now they’re taking on all of hell — and everyone they helped put in it. Take a look:

Supernatural | Final Season Trailer | The CW

“You and me versus every soul in hell? I like those odds.” Fifteen seasons of camaraderie will give you that kind of confidence. The duo will undoubtedly face plenty of fan favorites as the show takes its long-coming victory lap and winds its way down to the end of the Winchester boys. Will they live happily ever after? Or go down in a blaze of glory? That last one sounds most likely.

Supernatural begins its final trek on Oct. 10.