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'This is where it ends' in new trailers for Supernatural's final run of episodes

By Jacob Oller

Supernatural's final season was bifurcated by a pandemic, making the 15th season of adventures from Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester a strange way to end the long-running CW show. But now that production is back on track (as of a week ago), it's time to show off what exactly fans can expect from the end of a series with such a long and diverse history. After a multi-month delay, the brothers are getting back in the spooky saddle for one last ride — and of course it involves going after God.

Yes, you read that right: God. Or Chuck (Rob Benedict), if fans prefer. There's a road trip to plan and a deity to deal with. All part of the job for these two — which is good, because there's plenty of emotion and wild plotting pushed into the two teasers The CW has given fans for the final season's last episodes.

Here's the first teaser:

Supernatural | Trouble | Season Return Trailer | The CW

And the second:

Supernatural | Run Baby Run | Season Return Extended Trailer | The CW

"This is where it ends" for the brothers, who will need to deal with a God who's going to be back -- and soon. Apocalypse is on its way, and rituals must be protected, heartfelt conversations between brothers exchanged, and magic used for good. In other words, as Dean puts it, "What else is new?"

The epic end of a series so iconic it even crossed over with Scooby-Doo is bound to tackle some heavy stuff in its final arc -- and fans now have a taste of what it will all entail ... even the Se7en stuff where sinners are murdered and their sins scrawled on the wall in their own blood. Yikes.

Supernatural's march to the finish line begins on Oct. 8 and ends with the series finale on Nov. 19.