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Twitter reacts to Supernatural series finale (spoiler: everyone is crying)

By Vanessa Armstrong
Supernatural - Sam and Dean

After 15 seasons, Supernatural has come to the end. The two-hour season finale aired tonight on The CW, and the cast and fans alike flocked to Twitter to share their reactions to the ending, as well as their love of the show in general. 

The series finale was a heart-wrenching one to be sure, but don't worry — the only spoiler we'll share here is that the ending made a lot of people cry...but in a good way. 

Fans weren't the only ones crying at the end of the finale. Misha Collins, who has played the angel Castiel on the series since 2008, watched the finale with his two kids and tweeted a red-eyed photo of himself after the finale ended. 

The show's creator, Eric Kripke (current showrunner for Amazon's The Boys) may not have been crying, but he started his day remembering the show by sharing his first notes on the series, which premiered eons ago in 2005. "The start of the road as we reach the end," he tweeted, along with what looks like a screenshot of Supernatural's show bible. "But nothing really ends. We're dragon slayers & gunslingers & we'll take care of each other..."

Even the band Kansas couldn't help but get sentimental. Fans of the show are well-familiar with the theme song, "Wayward Son," which has started each episode over the past 15 years. Kansas wrote that song, and went on Twitter today to express their gratitude for becoming part of the Supernatural fandom. 

Samantha Smith, who played Sam Winchester (Jared Padelecki) and Dean Winchester's (Jensen Ackles) mom, also had a lot of feelings about the end of the series:

Fans, understandably, were emotionally wrecked by the end. Here are some of their reactions:

And that's the end. Or is it? The fandom will live on, certainly, and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) has even said he hopes the show comes back in some form in the future. But even if it doesn't, we at least have 15 seasons to revisit whenever we want to spend some time with Baby and the boys.