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Superpowered spy thriller The Rook debuts first trailer, starring Olivia Munn

By Jacob Oller
The Rook poster

If you’re sad that this iteration of the X-Men is coming to a close with Dark Phoenix, yet at the same time excited that there’s a new Men in Black film on the horizon, you might be a perfect candidate for Starz’s upcoming sci-fi series The Rook. Starring Shelley Conn, James D’Arcy, Emma Greenwell, Joely Richardson, and Olivia Munn, the paranormal spy thriller has more than a huge and prestigious cast — it’s finally got its first trailer.

The Rook is about a secret service that fends off threats that are a little ... stranger than normal. Something between the R.I.P.D. and the Men in Black, basically. And yes, everyone has powers of some sort. Greenwell’s Myfanwy Thomas is an amnesiac with a mysterious connection to the agency and a lot of dead bodies on her hands. And now fans have a first look at the Daniel O'Malley adaptation.

Check it out:

These super-humans — not superheroes, since the powers are still ultimately very human — are fighting crime, sure, but there’s also an origin story here. Munn’s got powers again, post-Psylocke, and the draw of Greenwell’s mysterious memory loss seems compelling enough to investigate.

The Rook gives us some X-espionage June 30 on Starz.