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Swamp Thing surfaces in first teaser following surprise production shutdown

By Jacob Oller
Swamp Thing DC Universe

One way to respond when fans wonder what’s going on with your show is to give them a look for themselves. Swamp Thing had its final three episodes cut and its production abruptly halted this week, then released its first teaser trailer as DC Universe prepares its third live-action offering for a shortened spring debut.

The series, which will now only comprise 10 episodes, will still launch on May 31 after suffering creative issues that led to the curtailing of its season from its initially-planned 13 episode total. Writers Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman have worked to bring a gritty, Alan Moore-esque version of the plant-based hero to life alongside the investigative Abby Arcane. But the first trailer is all Louisiana swampland and Swampy himself. Alec Holland is no more, long live Swamp Thing.

Take a look:

This is fans’ first look at this iteration of the DC hero (he’s previously appeared in an early ‘90s USA Network show and plenty of animation) in all his kelpy glory. Presumably that’s Derek Mears (known for being Jason Voorhees in 2009’s Friday the 13th) under all that seaweed.

Fans will also eventually get to see Blue Devil and Floronic Man pop up over the course of the first season — that is, if their characters didn’t hit the cutting room floor.

Despite the murkiness surrounding the show’s final episodes, Swamp Thing will still hit DC Universe on May 31.