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A Decade Later, SYFY’s Being Human Is Still a Great Supernatural Binge Watch

With the SYFY fan favorite on Peacock, we reevaluate it 10 years after the series ended.

By Trent Moore
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It’s not all that easy being human, but it’s a whole lot harder if you’re not actually human in the first place. That was the pitch of the supernatural drama Being Human, a SYFY original that ran from 2011-2014 for four seasons and 52 episodes.

The series followed a who’s who of supernatural archetypes as they try to make a run at being, well, normal in a world where they’re anything but. The series followed the centuries-old vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), newly-turned werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington), and recently-deceased ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) as the trio wind up living as roommates in a small Boston house trying to carve out a life (or in Sally’s case, afterlife) despite it all.

The series was a hit for SYFY in the early 2010s, and with the full four-season run now streaming in full on Peacock, it’s a great time to revisit (or discover!) the drama that takes a deep dive into the supernatural to tell one hell of a compelling story beginning to end.

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Why Being Human Is Worth a Binge Watch

Casting Witwer, Huntington, and Rath was a coup from the jump, as the trio had a ton of chemistry and played well off one another, pulling you in even when the story got dark — and it got dark plenty of times. Even when they’ve killed, or made mistakes, the cast is just so likable you can never fully give up on these characters. The supporting cast was also stacked, most notably with Lost and Supernatural alum Mark Pellegrino as a conflicted vampire leader, Dichen Lachman (a genre fave from Dollhouse) and Kristen Hager (Chicago Med) as Josh’s love interest who also becomes a werewolf along the way.

Behind the scenes, the show was created by Supernatural producer Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke (Wayward Pines), so there was plenty of genre experience at the table mapping things out.

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Though the series does plenty of world-building pulling the curtain back on how these supernatural concepts could work in our real world, it never gets lost in the concept, with the core always coming back to the friendship and relationships between the trio at the heart of the story. It keeps it grounded, even when talking about werewolves, vampire royals, and grim reaper ghosts on the margins.

Being Human is also unique (so to speak) in being a remake of an existing series, though by the time it hit Season 2, the series bore little resemblance to the show that inspired it. The SYFY series was based on the U.K. version of Being Human, which followed pretty much the same basic premise and ran from 2008-2013 (with five seasons but just 37 episodes).

It’s not often a U.S. remake of a U.K. series makes a longer run than the original (by episode count in this case), with breakout hits like The Office (also streaming on Peacock!) typically the exception and not the rule. But Being Human did just that, going out on its own terms with a poignant, fitting finale that brought the entire series to a satisfying close (so no cliffhanger here, thankfully).

Reevaluating the show a decade later, it still holds up surprisingly well. The concepts are timeless, and these stories can still positively rip your heart out. It’s also well-built for binge-watching, with each season clocking in at a balanced 13 episodes.

If you’re looking to revisit Being Human, or watch it for the first time, you can find the full series streaming now on Peacock.

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