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Bring Your Crucifix to Terrifying First Look at The Exorcist: Believer Posters

Get your first look at the possessions of The Exorcist: Believer.

By Matthew Jackson
The poster for The Exorcist: Believer (2023)

In less than three months, the next chapter in the Exorcist saga will finally arrive. David Gordon Green's The Exorcist: Believer hits theaters this October, and now we finally have our first look at the possessed girls at the center of the story, thanks to three terrifying new posters. 

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures dropped the first posters for the film Thursday morning, giving us an early peek at the possessed states of the girls played by Lidya Jewett and Olivia Marcum. As Universal revealed at CinemaCon earlier this year, the girls are transformed by demonic forces after getting lost in the woods one day. The best friends are gone for quite a long time, but seem to have very little memory of what really went on. Then strange things start to happen, the girls begin doing things like profaning church services, and it's clear that they need more help than doctors can provide. 

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Check out the posters below, and note how the images both evoke the classic Dick Smith makeup designs for Linda Blair's character in the first Exorcist and work as something new. 

The poster for The Exorcist: Believer (2023)
The poster for The Exorcist: Believer (2023)
The poster for The Exorcist: Believer (2023)

Directed and co-written by Green, who previously partnered with Blumhouse to breathe new life into the Halloween franchise, The Exorcist: Believer also stars Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton) and Jennifer Nettles (The Righteous Gemstones) as the parents of the two girls, and will feature the much-anticipated return of Ellen Burstyn to the Exorcist franchise. Burstyn appeared in the original 1973 film as Chris MacNeil, mother of Linda Blair Regan MacNeil, so she knows a thing or two about the desperate need to save your child from dark forces beyond the scope of medical intervention. 

Burstyn's appearance in the new film alone was enough to get us excited, but now more pieces are starting to come together. When the film debuted its first footage at CinemaCon earlier this year, it was described as one of the scariest teasers Universal has ever put out, and now these posters are here to send fresh chills down our spine. Hopefully the public release of that footage won't be far behind.

The Exorcist: Believer hits theaters Oct. 13.