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The Boys’ A-Train just dropped a fresh music video we can rock out to while we wait for S3

By Trent Moore
A-Train The Boys S1

With two seasons in the can and a third run of episodes on the way, Amazon Prime’s The Boys has managed to build a surprisingly deep and nuanced world for its superheroes — and everyone else — to inhabit. Now, thanks to Vought’s record label, we can jam out to our new favorite supes-approved single while we wait for Season 3.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a member of The Seven drop a hit single (Starlight’s music career has been featured a few times across the first two seasons), but now resident speedster A-Train (Jessie Usher) is getting in on the action with a new single. Dubbed “Faster,” the song is admittedly a bit on the nose, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a surprisingly catchy ear worm of a rap track.

Check out your new favorite song of the summer right here:

The music video drop is only the latest bit of world-building designed to keep us busy while we wait on the new season, along with a series of news broadcasts from the world of The Boys keeping us up to date on what all our favorite Supes have been up to during the break. When Season 3 does get here, it should have plenty of surprises, most notably the introduction of Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles as new hero Soldier Boy. Who knows, maybe Ackles will get his own roots rock music video in the next few months?

Still no word on when the new season might drop, but it stands to reason we could see new episodes by the end of the year. There’s also that lingering The Boys spinoff series we haven’t heard much about lately, which is set to focus on young heroes in the equivalent of Vought’s superhero college — which sounds just hilarious enough of a pitch to work.

But in the meantime, crank up “Faster” and hope Season 3 gets here a little bit, ya know… faster.

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