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SYFY WIRE The Nevers

Dive into the twisty gender dynamics of HBO's period fantasy drama 'The Nevers' in behind-the-scenes clip

By Josh Weiss

Tally-ho, dear readers! SYFY WIRE is delighted to present you with an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain of HBO's The Nevers. This never-before-seen jaunt into the world of Joss Whedon's "League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen" comes to us from the DVD and Blu-ray release of the first six episodes (on sale next week from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment). 

Behold as the spotlight brings your attention to the nefarious form of Lord Gilbert Massen (Pip Torrens). An old school aristocrat with a rigid respect for the current way of doing things; he's dedicated to preserving the patriarchy at all costs. When ladies across London start gaining abnormal abilities, Massen isn't opposed to the idea of using murder, blackmail, and other unsavory methods in order to keep the "Touched" under control.

"[Massen has] come to see this phenomenon as something that can only be answered by a military operation on an enemy that doesn’t fight the way you want them to fight," Torrens explained to Collider earlier this year. "He is having to expand his repertoire of responses to this, and in fact, he’s having to become proactive and an agent provocateur himself, which is something that we’ve seen regimes do, all over the world. It’s fascinating the way it ties into other reference points in history and cultural development and things like that."

Watch the clip now:

The bonus features for the home releases include:

  • A Touch of Power: The Themes Behind The Nevers (Blu-ray/DVD only)
  • Accustomed to the Impossible: The Making of The Nevers (Blu-ray/DVD only)
  • Introducing The Nevers (Featurette)
  • A New Age of Power (Featurette)
  • Character Portrait: Amalia True (Featurette)
  • Character Portrait: Penance Adair (Featurette)
  • Character Portrait:Mary Brighton (Featurette)
  • Character Portrait: Annie Bonfire (Featurette)
  • Creating The Nevers: A Night at the Opera (Featurette)
  • Creating The Nevers: A Charitable Event (Featurette)
  • Creating The Nevers: Walking on Water (Featurette)
  • Character Portrait: Detective Frank Mundi (Featurette)
  • Character Portrait: Augie Bidlow & Hugo Swann (Featurette)
  • Villains of The Nevers (Featurette)
  • Creating The Nevers: Confrontation and Translation (Featurette)
  • Creating The Nevers: Shock and Awe (Featurette)
  • Creating The Nevers: Telling Time (Featurette)
  • The Craft: Editor, Lisa Lassek (Featurette)
  • The Craft: VFX Supervisor, Johnny Han (Featurette)
  • The Craft: Director, Zetna Fuentes (Featurette)
The Nevers Box Art

Whedon created and executive-produced the series before parting ways with HBO last November. The role of showrunner was handed over to Philippa Goslett who is an executive producer alongside Bernadette Caulfield, Ilene S. Landress, Doug Petrie, and Jane Espenson. Daniel S. Kaminsky co-executive produces.

The Nevers Season 1, Part 1 is currently available on digital platforms. The first six episodes arrive on DVD ($24.98) and Blu-ray ($29.98) next Tuesday, Oct. 5.