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SYFY WIRE Snowpiercer

The train almost goes off the rails in Snowpiercer exclusive clip

By Vanessa Armstrong

Snowpiercer, the television show inspired by Bong Joon-ho’s (Parasite) film about the remnants of humanity trying to survive on a train hurtling through a frigid, climate-change-ravaged wasteland, premiered with much anticipation on TNT May 17. The 10-episode series, which stars Daveed Diggs as the ex-detective/rebel Andre Layton and Jennifer Connelly as the “voice of the train” Melanie Cavill, has been a dark, fast-paced adventure to date, and this Sunday’s episode, “Trouble Comes Sideways,” is no exception.

“Trouble Comes Sideways” will see Layton hiding out with help from his allies as he lays track for revolution. Meanwhile, an engineering emergency threatens every soul on the Snowpiercer train, and Melanie is the only one who can save them.

In our exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode below, we get a glimpse at the engineering emergency the train may be facing. Melanie, decked out in protective gear, is trying to get to the train’s underside to fix a broken hydraulics line before Snowpiercer hits a sharp curve treacherously located on a bridge over a gaping chasm.

Spectacularly, Melanie manages to save the train (and everyone on it) just in time, but given the slew of dangers that come with living on Snowpiercer, that likely won’t be the only challenge the characters face this week.

To find out what else happens, check out the full episode this Sunday at 9PM ET on TNT.