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The Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way promises 'really weird ideas' in Season 2

By Josh Weiss
The Umbrella Academy Season 2

In case you needed another reason to be excited for Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, we've got an exclusive teaser of the next 10 episodes from Gerard Way himself. Speaking with SYFY WIRE, the writer (who created the Dark Horse comic of the same name with illustrator Gabriel Bá) said that "there is so much to get excited for." Yesterday, Netflix got us all pumped by dropping the opening sequence of the season premiere; in it, we see the Hargreeves children traveling to an alternate version of 1963 where the Cold War turned extremely hot.

"I think one of the best things about Umbrella Academy is the interaction between the siblings, and you get some great stuff by way of that," Way, a co-founder of My Chemical Romance, continued. "Also, the whole show feels like it leveled up with this new season, the creative team is more aware of what it is. I feel like we really know what the show is now, but there are tons of surprises."

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

As stated above, the titular group of superheroes travel back to the early 1960s in order to avoid the apocalypse caused by Ellen Page's Vanya at the end of last season. This course of action only trades one problem for another because the temporally scattered siblings begin to seriously mess with the fabric of the time-space continuum. Their status as strangers in the past places them in the crosshairs of some pretty strange customers, mainly a group of Swedish assassins and Number Five's Commission superior, the fishbowl-headed Carmichael. While Season 2 draws heavily from the "Dallas" storyline, it also incorporates elements we haven't yet seen in the source material.

"Like always, [showrunner] Steve Blackman worked with the writers to really keep all the weird ideas in there," Way said. "It’s interesting with the whole story being told also as a TV show, because you see things that haven’t appeared in the comic yet, [like] seeing Hargreeves locking Klaus in a mausoleum in Season 1. In Season 2, you see young Pogo and the role he played, and what he was used for at first — something we really wouldn’t have seen until Luther got his own series dealing with his past. But it’s great to see these things in the show."

Please don't tell us Sir Reginald originally used Pogo (his adult self is voiced by Adam Godley) for horrible lab experiments or something similar. Then again, something had to have happened to grant him human-like intelligence. Could he possibly be linked to Luther's ape body? Only time will tell. And in case you were wondering what the glasses-wearing chimp looked like as a baby ...

Page, Aidan Gallagher ("Number Five"), Emmy Raver-Lampman ("Allison/The Rumor"), Robert Sheehan ("Klaus/The Séance"), David Castañeda ("Diego/The Kraken"), Tom Hopper ("Luther/Spaceboy"), and Justin H. Min ("Ben/The Horror") return for Season 2. 

The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix tomorrow (Friday, July 31). See what critics have been saying here.