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SYFY WIRE The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead hopes to silence the Whisperers

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode, Season 10, Episode 4: "Silence the Whisperers" ...

On the way to Hilltop, Michonne sees Ezekiel on his own. She peels off and follows him into the woods, and finds him standing on the edge of a cliff. She approaches him carefully - it's pretty clear that he is contemplating suicide. She refuses to leave him alone, and he eventually breaks from his reverie - and kisses her. She pulls away and they sit and chat about their feelings. Ezekiel feels like a failure. The Kingdom fell; he failed Benjamin and Henry; a tree crashed into a building at the Hilltop, injuring nine and taking down the wall. Then, of course, there is Carol. Michonne shares her own dark feelings, reminisces about Rick, and eventually the two come out of the woods together, both in a better place. She makes him promise not to go off on his own again.


The action is over at Alexandria this week. Lydia is being harassed by bullies. She tries to be kind; she tries to ignore them. Finally, she antagonizes them by skinning a squirrel at their lunch table. That night, the three bullies accost Lydia and beat her up. Negan hears her and rushes to help, throwing the female bully off of Lydia in order to save her life. The bully ends up hitting her head on a wall and dies. Negan isn't too concerned about that because he is worried about Lydia, who likely would have died if Negan hadn't shown up.

An emergency council meeting is called. The two surviving bullies claim that Lydia lured them back there and was working with Negan to attack them. Gabriel doesn't believe this. If this was the case, why is Lydia the only one in the infirmary? Daryl has been asked by Michonne to be her proxy vote. The vote is tied between letting Negan go, and killing him. Gabriel asks for the night before he casts the deciding vote.


Come morning, Gabriel goes to visit Negan - and finds he isn't there. People start freaking out, and Lydia admits she let him go. She then puts herself in his cell. Daryl, however, knows she is covering - he watched her and she didn't leave her house all night. He tries to talk her out of the cell but she says she feels safe in there, so Daryl leaves her.

Where is Negan?

The episode ends with a long shot on a small cabin that is set among the farm. "Silence the Whisperers" is painted faintly on the roof. With the long shot, and the ominous music sting, I think Negan is hiding out there.

Is Lydia the key?

Michonne seems to think the one thing that is preventing the Whisperers from going into full attack mode is that they have Lydia. At the border, the Whisperers could have slaughtered them all, but she didn't, because she empathized with Carol as a mother. Alpha wanted them to look after Lydia, keep her safe. Michonne tells Daryl to keep her safe. Not for any altruistic reasons; purely to keep them safe.