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SYFY WIRE The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: It's time for the fair!

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

It's time for the fair! Ezekiel gives opening remarks and speaks of Rick and Carl, and their vision of the future. Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia show up just before a party heads out to find them. It is a happy homecoming, even better because Michonne is there, ready to bury the hatchet. Carol is stunned to see Judith, who she hasn't seen since she was a baby.


Tara is alarmed when she sees Lydia, so Michonne calls for a meeting of the leaders. Michonne apologizes for her isolationist ways and promises that is in the past. She is giving asylum to Lydia, which the other communities agree to, but Tara is hesitant because if the Whisperers seek vengeance, they will be coming for the Hilltop. Additional fighters will be sent to protect Hilltop, and they decide to form a unified front: an attack on one community is an attack on them all. Ezekiel reveals the charter he had been saving, and they all sign.

Daryl, Carol, Yumiko, Michonne, and a handful of others head for the Hilltop. Along the way, they meet the Highwaymen, who have discovered a couple of Hilltoppers who have been murdered.  The group splits up: Daryl's group will track the Whisperers while the rest of the group heads to Hilltop. 

Missing media item.

At the Kingdom, Lydia looks uncomfortable with so many happy, kind people around her. She gets jealous when she sees Henry talking with Addy, and it is made worse when a couple of teen boys encourage those beliefs. Henry promises to meet Lydia at the movie. She goes, but becomes more distressed when the movie starts and Henry doesn't join her. But someone else does: her mother.

Alpha is dressed in the clothes and scalped hair of the woman she killed earlier. Lydia threatens her mom, tells her that her new family would kill Alpha to keep her safe. Alpha justifies the abuse by insisting she was trying to make her strong. "You're not one of us. You never were."

After her infiltration of the Kingdom, Alpha is back with her clan. They surround Daryl's group and unleash a barrage of warnings. Alpha doesn't believe Daryl can protect Lydia. She takes Daryl to show him a herd of thousands of zombies, telling him that the Whisperers control where they go. She warns him and his group to stay out of their lands. And as he rejoins his friends and they continue on, they see what she means....


That ending

Daryl, Michonne, Yumiko, and Carol find the heads of their friends on pikes. Some of them are "throwaways," characters whose names we barely know; Addy, Rodney, someone named Frankie. Some we have grown to like over the season: Tammy Rose. But then there are some we have known for seasons: Enid. Tara. Henry.

It was a beautifully structured ending, chilling, though I found Siddiq's speech to be a little trite. Also, I know that the "big reveal" is Henry's head on the pike, but I am far more upset by Tara's head. By this point in the show, Tara is basically a legacy. Plus, the Hilltop can't keep a leader. First Jesus, then Tara... meanwhile Maggie is MIA because she got another show. Who is left to run the joint? I don't see Daryl taking on a leadership role.

Connie has a secret

When Kelly told her she was worried because she left unceremoniously, Connie defends herself with this: "They were going to let that baby die. It brought back a lot of feelings I thought I had dealt with." Ok, it's not really a secret, since that code isn't tough to break. She lost a baby.


Connie + Daryl?

I think they are setting up a romance between Connie and Daryl. And honestly, it is for one reason: When Daryl left to go protect Hilltop, he asked Connie to take care of Dog. That's love right there.