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The Walking Dead returns with Whisperers, dogs, and an angry Daryl

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Negan escapes not only his prison, but Alexandria. Judith catches him, but eventually lets him go. She offers him a warning: There is nothing out there for him, and if she sees him again, she will shoot. Negan heads out to the Sanctuary, which hasn't seen humans in a long, long time. Without people and supplies, it is just a filthy bunker, so he heads back to Alexandria.


Daryl and Michonne are heading back to Hilltop with their group when they spot some more Whisperers. A fight takes place, and they kill all but one, a young girl named Lydia. With more zombies coming, they take her back to Hilltop as their captive. She is not forthcoming with her answers, claiming that they don't have names, all of her people are dead, and that they were good people who were just trying to survive. When Daryl threatens to let loose angry mob justice on her, she admits that her people were always going to kill them, "It's just what people do now." Henry, still in jail to serve the rest of his sentence for hanging around with the naughty kids, befriends her.

Alden and Luke head out to find Michonne's party. Of course, Michonne's group returns to Hilltop not long after they leave. Even still, the two bond. They are surrounded by Whisperers, who just stand there menacingly, until one steps forward -- Alpha, I assume -- with a shotgun.

The Whisperers

My favorite line this week is when Eugene sees a horde of zombies coming at them, and he wonders if they are live or "original recipe" walkers.


Negan & Judith

These two have an odd relationship. He sneaks out of his cell; she catches him and warns him against leaving. She lets him go, vowing to shoot him if she sees him again. She does see him, does shoot at him, but he admits she was right: There was nothing left for him outside the walls of Alexandria.

Before Negan leaves Alexandria, he goes to Judith's bedroom, looking for her. It is the middle of the night, but she is not there. Instead, he takes her compass. First of all, where is a little girl in the middle of the night? Second, why did Negan go looking for her? I don't get a creepy pervert vibe from him. Did he think she would want to go with him? Did he just want to say goodbye? Was he hoping to get caught?

Leather and the mannequin family

While Negan is wandering around a long-since-abandoned town, he pops into a clothing store, looking for a new black leather jacket. Even in the apocalypse, the selection has been picked clean. He finds a brown leather jacket, but it just doesn't have the same flair. He also finds a makeshift family in the back room: a pair of mannequins set up to look like they are having a conversation. Between them is a corpse, head exploded against the wall from a self-inflicted gunshot. I like to imagine the mannequins came to life and shot the guy for a really inane reason, like he was late to dinner or something. (Yeah, I know, I have problems.)


Daryl and Michonne

In a throwaway line, the pair chat while bringing Jesus back to Hilltop for a funeral. Michonne thanks Daryl for trying to find Rick's body to give her the same sense of closure. She also thanks him for "after." I don't sense a romantic entanglement, though I think we are supposed to think that. I can only assume this has to do with the tensions between the communities.


She reveals that she is pregnant, but there seems to be some question as to who the father is: Gabriel or Eugene. At least she will have a better idea of who the father is once the kid is born, unlike Lori and Rick. As an added problem, after nearly being killed by walkers and Whisperers, Eugene is ready to propose to Rosita. Before he can get the words out, she runs outside and throws up. Seems like a reasonable response.