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SYFY WIRE The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead warns: "Your way is not the only way"

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode, Season 10, Episode 10: "Stalker" ...

Gamma shows up at the gates of Alexandria, removes her masks, and admits that she knows where their people are: with a horde in a cave -- not in a field. She admits that the Hilltop baby is her nephew and she wants to see him again, and offers to show Gabriel where the cave is on a map. Rosita punches her out, and they put her in a jail cell. She admits that she was the one who killed her sister, in order to earn trust.

Gabriel gets a call that sends them into lockdown, and he and a handful of fighters go out to answer the call. They find that whoever made the call has had her throat slit; it was some kind of trap, but Gabriel can't figure out exactly what it is.


What it is actually is a trap. Out in a trailer in the middle of nowhere there is a secret passage into an underground cave. Beta enters the cave, and emerges from Dante's grave, within the walls of Alexandria. Once inside the community, he slips into a house, slaughters everyone inside, and sits and waits until they all come back from the dead. When they do, he lets them out and sends the remaining Alexandrians into a panic. This was more of a distraction than an attempt to kill people.

While everyone is running about, Beta sneaks into the jail and unlocks Gamma's cell, summoning her forward. Gamma insists that Alpha lied to them about this place, but Beta is completely brainwashed. "She is your Alpha" is all he can say. He advises her to come with him, that Alpha wants her, and if she comes without causing trouble, her death will be painless. Laura appears with a weapon to Beta's neck and advises Gamma to get help.

Outside, Gamma yells for help, and Judith calls her over. Beta knocks out Laura and is quick on Gamma's trail. He enters Judith's house and creeps around (for a big guy, he sure moves silently). A locked door grabs his attention, but he is quickly felled by a gunshot from behind the door. Judith is holding a gun, and Gamma tells her and RJ to run. They do, but Beta isn't dead; he's wearing armor. Rosita shows up, ready for a fight, which Beta is all too eager to give her. Before he can land the killing blow on Rosita, Gamma returns, a knife to her throat. "Alpha wants me alive!" she warns. Beta leaves with Gamma, but out in the woods they are attacked by Gabriel and his team. Beta runs, leaving them Gamma, but Gamma explains what happened and Gabriel lowers his weapon.


So Gamma -- now going by her name, Mary -- seems to have been accepted by the community. As the episode ends, she is going with a group of people to Hilltop to see her nephew, and Rosita introduces herself pleasantly.

Meanwhile, Daryl is stalking the Whisperers, looking for another way in to the cave. He gets into a fight with a handful of them -- zombies among them -- and gets stabbed in the leg, as well as hit in the head. He limps away to regroup in an abandoned auto shop, and the only surviving Whisperer, Alpha, follows him in. She bangs a pipe, luring the few remaining zombies to them, but Daryl fights them off. The two lie in their own separate quarters, both injured, and too weak to harm the other physically. So they use words, Daryl accusing Alpha of losing Lydia because she didn't love her. This draws Alpha to her feet, but she can't make it to Daryl, and she passes out. When she comes to, Lydia is hovering over her. Alpha sings to her and gives her a knife, telling her she is ready to lead. Essentially, Alpha is trying to pass the baton to her daughter, but Lydia doesn't want it. "I'm not here for you," she says. Alpha passes out again. When she wakes, it is hours later, and she is alone. Daryl is gone; all that is left is a message, etched into a table: "Your way is not the only way."

Daryl wakes in the forest, Lydia watching over him. She informs him she didn't kill Alpha; "If it was your father, could you have?" Alpha, still at the auto shop, has been joined by a couple other Whisperers. She insists she is no longer weak; she is stronger than ever. "We are the end of the world."

How far they fall ...

Rosita is stunned when Gabriel advocates pulling teeth, cutting off fingers, and other forms of torture in order to break captured Whisperers of their allegiance to Alpha. Priests haven't been that sadistic since, like, the Spanish Inquisition. 

Real Horrorshow

I love it when this show gets super horror-ific. This episode's horror moments came when Beta climbed out of the grave, in a very traditional scene where he springs from a grave, hand first. It continued when he went to the house, shut off the lights, and killed the inhabitants in a bloodbath that we, as viewers, watched from outside, through a window. When we return to the house, the killing is done, with just Beta kneeling amongst several bodies and lots and lots of blood.


Kill o' the Week

When Daryl is attacked by zombies, he gets through the first two pretty easily, but the third one is a problem. With no other weapons, he takes the knife that was embedded in his leg -- and thus, plugging it up -- pulls it out, and stabs the zombie in the head. Daryl starts spurting blood, and it is that blood loss that causes him to become weak.