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'Them' gives off chilling 'Us' vibes in first retro trailer for Amazon's horror anthology

By Josh Weiss
Them teaser hero

Jordan Peele's influence can be felt all over the first teaser for Them, a new horror anthology series coming to Amazon Prime next month. First announced in February 2019, the limited show is set in the 1950s, but don't let the title fool you — the plot has nothing to do with giant, atomic least we don't think it does.

Executive produced by Lena Waithe (Westworld) and Little Marvin (who also serves as creator), the first season of the pronoun-centric project centers around a Black family that moves from North Carolina to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles during the Great Migration of the mid-20th century. Everything seems rather idyllic until the neighbors start acting strange and the family finds itself besieged by malevolent and otherworldly forces that threaten to destroy them. It definitely feels like a Get Out/Us-style commentary on race in America through the lens of of horror. Heck, the show even stars a member of the Us cast: Shahadi Wright Joseph. The title could be read as an allusion to way bigotry creates a divide between "us and them."

Watch the trailer now:

Deborah Ayorinde (Luke Cage), Ashley Thomas (24: Legacy), Alison Pill (Devs), Melody Hurd (Battle at Big Rock), and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) co-star. 

Miri Yoon, Roy Lee, David Matthews, and Don Kurt executive produce alongside Waithe and Marvin.

Them Amazon key art

Originally titled Them: CovenantThem premieres on Prime Video Friday, April 9.

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