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Exclusive: Listen to the title track from Netflix's The Umbrella Academy soundtrack

By Matthew Jackson
Umbrella Academy Netflix

In just a few days, The Umbrella Academy will arrive on Netflix, and to get you prepared, we've got an exclusive preview of the show's soundtrack.

Based on the acclaimed Dark Horse Comics series by writer Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance) and artist Gabriel Ba (CasanovaDaytripper), The Umbrella Academy follows a group of superhumans — all mysteriously born on the same day and then raised as a team by their alien inventor adoptive father — who reunite upon their father's death to find out who or what killed him and, more important, to save the world. The series stars Ellen Page, Mary J. Blige, Robert Sheen, and Tom Hopper, and was adapted by Steve Blackman (Legion).

To craft the music for the series, Blackman and company turned to Jeff Russo, an Emmy-winning composer who's worked on Legion and Star Trek: Discovery, and whose work in pop music includes co-founding the alternative rock band Tonic. For The Umbrella Academy, Russo blended orchestral and rock influences to create compelling themes for individual characters as well as the title track you're about to hear, "The Umbrella Academy."

“With such an eclectic group of characters, writing themes was super fun," Russo said in a press release. "Many different personalities got many different musical motifs and feelings.”

We are pleased to present this exclusive reveal of the title track from Russo's soundtrack. Take a listen to "The Umbrella Academy" and get ready to be transported to the show's wild alternate reality.

The Umbrella Academy premieres Feb. 15 on Netflix, and Russo's full soundtrack will be released digitally by Lakeshore Records on the same day. You can pre-order the soundtrack here.

The Umbrella Academy soundtrack album cover

Keep checking back at SYFY WIRE this week for even more exclusive coverage of the launch of The Umbrella Academy.