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'Undone' trailer for Season 2 turns time travel into a family affair at WonderCon 2022

Season 2 of Undone premieres on Prime Video on April 29. 

By Vanessa Armstrong

After three long years, the second season of the groundbreaking series Undone is heading to Prime Video. At WonderCon 2022, the cast and creators got together to celebrate the occasion and screened a new trailer that revealed the time travel abilities of Alma (Alita: Battle Angel’s Rosa Salazar) is something that runs in the family. 

Undone uses rotoscope animation to have Alma travel through space and time in a genre-bending story about family, mental illness, and generational trauma. As the trailer reveals, Season 2 will have her sister, Becca (Angelique Cabral), realize she has her own powers. This discovery sets the sisters on an expansive journey to help their mother and, in Alma’s words, try to fix their family.

The shift in the second season is a significant one, with Alma taking on the role her dad (Bob Odenkirk) filled in Season 1; this time around she is the one urging a family member to test her new capabilities, although Becca is much more reluctant to learn than Alma was.

Check out the trailer below to find out who else in the Winograd-Diaz family has mindtripping powers:

Unlike her character, Cabral had no compunctions about her new superpowers. “I was thrilled!” she said on stage at WonderCon with Salazar, Constance Marie, and show co-creators/executive producers Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob Waksberg (BoJack Horseman). “What I love so much about it is she begrudgingly becomes a person with powers while Alma is like, ‘Come on, let’s do it!’”

While the panelists were careful not to give away any major spoilers for Season 2, they did hint that we find out a lot about the background and history of Alma and Becca’s mom, Camilla (Marie). If the trailer is any indication, Alma and Becca's journey is more expansive than what we saw in the first season. Like the episodes before it, however, the panelists emphasized that the heart of the show remained the same — exploring what fundamentally makes us who we are. 

This searching is something that especially spoke to Salazar when she decided to sign on for the project. “Undone is a spiritual endeavor for me,” she said at one point during the panel. “It dovetails really nicely with the way that I am as a person who is intensely, deeply, for better or worse, curious about my condition, which is to be human. I am by nature a person who asks a lot of existential questions and I only want to do things that, ‘Make me so horny, baby.’ And this project makes me so horny.”

Undone is due out on Prime Video on April 29.