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SYFY WIRE The Walking Dead

Here’s how to get your hands on the official whiskey of 'The Walking Dead' and make signature cocktails

By Gina Pace
The Walking Dead 1103 Still

As the final season of The Walking Dead gets underway, AMC and The Sexton Single Malt partnered up to make watch parties a bit more... lively.

The partnership with the Irish whiskey means a variety of experiences for fans, including an insider program, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, merch discounts, and a cocktail kit with a specialty “Live For Today” cocktail.

As the three installments roll out between now and the end of 2022, there will also be a limited-edition, cobranded The Walking Dead bottle, contests, and — more cocktails.

Such a wide-reaching partnership including specialized extras for fans is unusual for a spirits brand, especially considering the show doesn’t offer up opportunities for product placement in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. At this point, it feels more likely Daryl Dixon would come across another hidden moonshine still and a reanimated Beth Greene as a drinking buddy than a bottle of single malt.

“A season-long partnership like this gives us so many meaningful opportunities to interact with and excite fans of The Walking Dead,” said Kim Granito, executive vice president of The Content Room for AMC Networks in a press release. “The Sexton Single Malt is a brand that is perfectly aligned with the spirit and escapism of this series, and we’re excited to collaborate across all 24 of these final episodes in a variety of ways that delight this highly engaged and vibrant fan community.” 

The Sexton does have some dark vibes going on that make it an aesthetic match for the show. The legitimately cool-looking black, squat, hexagonal bottle features a skull and a top hat. A "sexton" is derived from the Medieval Latin word sacristanus, meaning "custodian of sacred objects; the caretaker of precious things." So skeleton top hat dude is looking out for what's in the bottle and reminding you to value life. As they would say in Latin, "duh."

I’ve tried the whiskey before, which is a single malt from the coast of Northern Ireland, but decided I need to sip it again (for journalism!) with fresh eyes — or in this case an undead palate. The single malt, meaning it’s just made from malted barley, is distilled three times, so it’s super smooth. What makes it unique is that it’s then aged in former Oloroso sherry casks so it takes on a lot of dried fruit notes and baking spice flavors, plus some cocoa and toffee notes in the mix. It’s easy drinking enough that you can sip it neat or on a couple of ice cubes.

To show off for your friends, order a cocktail kit from Cocktail Courier ($65). It’s got enough ingredients to make eight drinks, plus some branded slate coasters, a TWD mini cobbler cocktail shaker, and a rocks glass (got guests? Sorry, only one person will get the special glass).

Cocktail Courier Kit 1

The cocktail itself is a bright orange-red with Campari, grapefruit juice, bright red blood orange simple syrup, and some orange bitters, with smoked salt to rim your glass. It’s got a bitter bite, but drinkers who prefer it a bit sweeter can always cut back on the Campari and up the simple syrup.

While many fans await to find out what happens to their favorite characters, I’m curious to see what other flavors and drink themes will be part of the partnership as the final season comes to a close. Priorities.