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WATCH: Game of Thrones: 'The Last of the Starks' Rap Up


WARNING: Game of Thrones spoilers herein.

What up, Westeros?! SYFY WIRE is in the house to give you a brand-new Game of Thrones Rap Up created by Bierut Films. This week, it’s all about "The Last of the Starks," an episode that finally takes us south again. We’ve got to admit, with the Iron Throne in her sights, we’re getting a little worried about Daenerys. She’s looking more and more like the next mad queen. As for Bronn, homeboy is getting pretty mean.

In fact, we’re officially holding the funeral for Nice Guy Bronn. He was the kind guy who could be relied upon. There was a whole lot of death after the Army of the Dead, followed by a massive funeral and breaking bread. Jaime Lannister kissed Brienne and slept with a knight. But when it came down to Cersei, he rode off into the night. Now Gendry’s a lord because Daenerys got bored. But Arya turned down his proposal ‘cause she’d rather swing a sword.

Then there’s Jon Snow, the King of the North. As a pet owner, he sucks for telling Ghost to go forth. The last of the Dire Wolves deserved better than this, but maybe Jon was distracted by Daenerys’ forbidden kiss. She told Jon how they could live side by side, but keeping secrets is something that he just can’t abide.

If there’s anything that Jon should have learned from Ned, it’s that doing honorable things can cost you your head. As Cersei once said, you win or you die. But if you piss off Daenerys, King’s Landing will fry!