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WATCH: SYFY WIRE reacts to Game of Thrones 805: 'The Bells'


WARNING: HERE THERE BE DRAGONS — er, MASSIVE SPOILERS. Enter King's Landing at your own risk!

So what did we get out of the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones? Fire, blood, carnage, roasted human flesh, a raging queen who oozes entitlement, carnage, Cleganebowl 2019, more carnage, and a throne crumbling on another queen who wanted it all for herself.

Just in case that was a bit harder to swallow than a bowl of brown when you first watched the episode (you did watch it, right?), SYFY WIRE breaks everything down for you.

For those of you who aren't #teamdaenerys, you probably don't think Varys is being a traitor as he scrawls the name of the true heir to the throne. Royal brat Dany and her dragon had another idea. If there's one thing to say about the Spider's execution, at least it happened so fast he had no time to contemplate his impending doom in the dungeon overnight. Maybe Miss Dragon Queen would have thought differently if she realized she was actually doing him mercy.

Dany has gone full Mad Queen at this point. She's annihilated the Iron Fleet with dragonfire and barges into King's Landing doing the same even though Cersei surrendered it. If such a piece of work as Cersei can give in and surrender her own city, it makes you wonder about what kind of queen Daenerys would be. Maybe this is just the fury of a woman scorned by finding out her lover is actually her nephew — and rival to the throne.

Then we have Cleganebowl and Cersei sneaking past the Hound and her zombie bodyguard into the dungeon where she finds Jaime, and the ultimate tragic emo romance ending happens. Sigh.

Arya somehow survives this massive barbecue and rides out like Gandalf into the dawn. Seriously, did anyone connect this with Gandalf, or is this just the imagination of a crazed Lord of the Rings fan (ahem) who just can't let the White Wizard go? Watch and decide.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.