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WATCH: SYFY WIRE reacts to the Game of Thrones series finale


WARNING: Game of Thrones spoilers herein.

Oh, Game of Thrones, you broke our collective hearts. To paraphrase Tyrion's line from the series finale, "We loved you. We believed in you." But the series finale and the final season just didn't live up to the seven seasons that came before them.

None of this means that the finale didn't have its redeeming moments, or even some of the most striking shots in the show's history. That image of Dany with the dragon wings was instantly iconic. But one of our biggest issues is with the dragon queen herself. Daenerys' descent into madness had been foreshadowed, but it still seems like a big leap to go from freeing the innocent to torching them. According to Dany, she "liberated" the residents of King's Landing. Yeah, liberated them from life!

One of the highlights of the episode was when Dany's vision from the House of the Undying came to pass, and the throne room was desolate. It was truly beautiful imagery, and another indication that this twist had been planned for a long time. But why did it still feel so rushed? And just a few minutes after Dany claimed her throne, Jon pledged his undying love and killed her. That's probably the shortest reign in Westeros history. If the whole "prince that was promised" thing was actually important, then wouldn't it be Jon? Also, if Jaime was the Kingslayer, then shouldn't Jon be called Queenslayer?

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