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SYFY WIRE Watchmen

Watchmen post-premiere trailer promises 'vast and insidious conspiracy' over course of season

By Jacob Oller
Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson in HBO's Watchmen

HBO's Watchmen sequel series has been getting rave reviews and, now that its first episode dropped on Sunday, reactions from audience members that echo this sentiment. As fun as it is to scour the episode for easter eggs, most fans still have their hair blown back from the exciting episode and its shocking twist ending.

Now those on board for the fight between Damon Lindelof's masked cop Angela Abar (Regina King) and the racist Rorschach lookalikes calling themselves the Seventh Kavalry have plenty to look forward to thanks to a new season-teasing trailer.

Take a look:

Watchmen: In the Weeks Ahead | HBO

This is the same trailer that HBO showed off after the world premiere of the first episode at New York Comic Con (where SYFY WIRE saw the pilot and panel go down), and it works as both a tease and a reassuring device.

Fans are going to get answers. They're also going to get swept up into a "vast and insidious conspiracy" involving the ending of the comic (squid!) and the fallout from Ozymandias' plan. FBI agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) shows up, as does Lady Trieu (Hong Chau). Will it all tie into the show's initial murder? Kind of. Did everything that happened in the original tie into the death of the Comedian? Same deal here. There's plenty to come for Watchmen fans — and plenty of unexpected twists still ready to confound them.

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