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SYFY WIRE Westworld

The Westworld Season 3 teaser promises a brand new world

By Christian Long
Westworld Season 3 Teaser Aaron Paul

Things are taking a turn in Westworld.

Tonight, while Game of Thrones came to a close, HBO released the first teaser for Westworld Season 3, and things seem ... different. We see nothing of the treacherous theme park, or any theme park for that matter. Instead, we follow Aaron Paul's mysterious new character as he narrates the world he lives in, which appears to be outside the realm of virtual reality.

While it seems to tease another layer in an already dense narrative, it waits until the final moments before teasing how it will connect to the prior two seasons. Check it out:

Westworld III - HBO 2020

While everything seems to vaguely resemble those occasional glimpses of the outside world, he teases how it was supposed to be better than the one they ended up with. Is this yet another simulation? Is it the result of a world overrun with trillion-dollar historical theme parks? What havoc will Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores cause this time?

It's hard to say. Paul's casting was announced back in September, but very little is known about his role beyond that he would be a series regular. And let's not forget, this is Westworld, so it's anyone's guess what will end up being real or not.

The third season of Westworld will premiere on HBO sometime in 2020.