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Westworld bosses tease a less mysterious Season 3 and Aaron Paul's outside-the-park role

By Brian Silliman
Westworld (Aaron Paul)

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? If you've been watching Westworld, then yes, yes you have. You likely questioned it during the first season, but that was a walk through an android-filled park compared to the insanity and mind games of Season 2. The third season of the hit HBO show might take things a little easier on us, though.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy give away a few hints about the upcoming season, including a little bit more about Aaron Paul's mysterious new character.

And there's seemingly not much mystery to him at all anymore, as today we learned that Paul is playing a construction worker named Caleb, who works in the show's version of a future Los Angeles. It's rare that we get to see the world beyond the park, but it looks like Caleb will be providing that gateway. Of course, he'll link back to the main story, and he will do so through Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). They will come across each other in the real world (as she is out and about now after S2), and EW notes that he "has a strong impact on Dolores, who along with other hosts experience major 'culture shock' now that she's in the real world."

"Aaron’s character will challenge Dolores’ notions about the nature of humanity. He’s the type of person who doesn’t get to go to Westworld,” says Nolan. So the notion that we already had of the western-themed, robot-torturing tourist destination being only for the wealthy seems kind of correct.

In terms of the ever-unfolding puzzle-box nature of the show, Nolan says that the third season will be "less of a guessing game" than previous seasons, noting it will be "more of an experience with the hosts finally getting to meet their makers." As much as we enjoyed trying to figure out just when/where/what we (and Jeffrey Wright) were during Season 2, this is an exciting prospect.

Even though we'll be spending some time in the "real world," so to speak, the western aspect of the series has not been left in the mud-caked thoroughfare. The American West, both "as a setting and an ethos," will continue to be a dominant theme in the show, according to Nolan.

"The idea of the West as a wild place, where just over the next hill or horizon there are no rules, on that thematic level, Dolores emerges to figure out what happened to the real West," he says. "And the answer is: We paved the thing over, and civilization eventually caught up with all those people who were running away from it."

Westworld III - HBO 2020

How will Dolores and her new friend Caleb deal with this revelation? If the first two seasons are anything to go by, there will be blood.

Westworld Season 3 will ride in for some mayhem on HBO in 2020. Now, if you please, cease all motor functions.