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Late Quantum Leap Author Matt Dale Honored With an “In Memory”: Details

The show paid tribute to him at the end of Season 2, Episode 11.

By Trent Moore

The Quantum Leap episode “The Outsider,” the 11th episode of Season 2, ended with a dedication to “our friend” Matt Dale, and some fans might be wondering about Dale’s connection to the Quantum Leap universe.

Read more below about Matt Dale’s “in memory” and why the NBC sci-fi series took the time out to honor him.

Who is Matt Dale from the Quantum Leap “In Memory” at the end of Season 2, Episode 11?

Matt Dale was an accomplished author and podcaster who covered the Quantum Leap franchise closely. His book Beyond the Mirror Image is one of the most detailed, exhaustive volumes looking back at the original Quantum Leap series, which ran for 97 episodes from1989 through 1993. Dale was also very active in the Quantum Leap podcasting space, spending time dissecting the series, its themes, and storylines.

Tragically, Dale reportedly suffered a heart attack on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, and passed away.

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Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett and Dean Stockwell as Admiral Al Calavicci

Dale was an advocate and fan of the franchise as a whole, from the original series to the ongoing revival. He and his fellow hosts of the Quantum Leap Podcast recorded episodes every week, digging into the new episodes, and the remaining podcast team have continued the series following Dale’s passing.

“He was a dear friend and a long time, ultimate Quantum Leap fan. Matt wrote Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observers guide to Quantum Leap. He was head of the Quantum Leap Podcast and author of the best books on the original Quantum Leap series and soon to come book 3, based on the new Quantum Leap series,” Quantum Leap Producer Deborah Pratt wrote on Instagram. “We lost him on Christmas Day. He left his partner Sharon and his son 7-year-old Zack behind. Matt was 43. There’s an ancient Egyptian saying, ‘We died twice in this life. Once when we pass from our physical bodies, and a second time when people stop saying our name.’ Help me keep the legend. In remembrance.”

Pratt also posted a link to a GoFundMe fundraiser benefitting Dale's family. Information on how to support his family can be found here.

Catch up on the original Quantum Leap series, as well as the new series, streaming now on Peacock.