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SYFY WIRE Sesame Street

WIRE Buzz: Sesame Street film delayed (again); Spotify creates Disney playlists; more

By James Comtois
Anne Hathaway

In this edition of SYFY’s WIRE Buzz the day before San Diego Comic-Con, a children’s musical film gets delayed, a video game gets a release date, and Spotify has organized all of Disney’s music into a single hub. 

First up, we can tell you how to get to Sesame Street…it’s just going to take a bit longer than expected. The higher-ups at Warner Bros. and MGM have pushed the release date for their upcoming Sesame Street movie back by nearly five! Five months! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! After making the rounds this morning, Warner Bros. has confirmed with SYFY WIRE that the film adaptation of the beloved educational children’s show has a release date of June 4, 2021, back from its originally scheduled debut of Jan. 15, 2021. 

This move follows last month’s announcement that production was delayed by nine months, to April of next year. That production delay, however, was apparently due to conflicts with star Anne Hathaway's schedule. 

Eighth Grade director Bo Burnham has been tapped to write the songs for the musical film, with Portlandia co-creator Jonathan Krisel on board to direct. 

(via Warner Bros.) 

Up next, we've got some great news for fans of Disney songs. The studio has partnered with Spotify to launch a whole new world hub for the studio's deep catalog of music. Along with all the breezy, sing-along numbers from their animated classics, you can also cue up the musical scores from all the Marvel and Star Wars films as well. 

The Disney Hub, is organized into multiple playlists for listeners' convenience. The categories include Hits, Favorites, Classics, Singalongs, Princess, Marvel Music, and, of course, Star Wars. 

Disney will be updating its playlists with additional content throughout the year, which seems like the perfect auditory counterpart to their upcoming streaming service, Disney+.


And finally, in gaming news, Nintendo has announced the release date for its upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 game. And when will this haunted mansion game be available to play? When else, but Halloween. 

That’s right. The gaming company took to social media to announce that the latest game in the Luigi’s Mansion series arrives to the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 31, which is of course perfect. 

"When Luigi’s friends go missing on vacation, it’s up to our reluctant hero to save them from the ghosts in the Last Resort hotel," the company tweeted. "Join forces with Gooigi, slam ghosts, & prepare for a spooky treat when #LuigisMansion3 arrives to #NintendoSwitch on 10/31!"

 According to SYFY WIRE’s own Aron Garst, who played a demo of the game at Electronic Gaming Expo last month, apparently Mario’s brother doesn't just capture ghosts in the second sequel to Luigi’s Mansion, he beats the holy hell out of them. Guess we’ll get to find out for ourselves this Halloween.

(via Twitter)