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WIRE Buzz: Lucifer locks Tom Ellis for Season 6; Disney+ fixes The Simpsons aspect ratio

By Josh Weiss
The Simpsons

Five months after launching, Disney+ has finally restored the first 19 seasons (and part of the 20th) of The Simpsons to their original 4:3 aspect ratio. Back in November, viewers realized almost immediately that all episodes of the long-running Fox cartoon were being presented in the 16:9 widescreen format, which undercut certain visual gags.

Once this began to dominate headlines, Disney released a statement, saying it had adopted a general aspect ratio "in order to guarantee visual quality and consistency across all 30 seasons."

The Simpsons Fox

Fans were not very happy about this, especially since the 16:9 format wasn't utilized until 2009 when the 20th season was already underway. Nevertheless, Disney took the feedback to heart, making a promise early on to fix the issue, and announcing last month that the original aspect ratios would be available in late May.

To enjoy episodes in their original size, fans can simply head to the "Details" section of the show's Disney+ page and move the toggle widget to their desired setting.

Tom Ellis is officially on board for a devilish sixth season of Lucifer on Netflix, TVLine confirmed today. Now it's up to the streamer to renew the series, which has yet to roll out its two-part fifth season, whose writer's room wrapped in early February.

In early March, it was reported that Ellis was interested in returning to play the title character, but a major contract dispute threatened to damn Season 6 (likely consiting of 10-13 episodes) to an eternity of purgatory. Luckily, it sounds like the actor found a way to barter for his immortal soul, er, we mean acting talents.

Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson will return as showrunners.


Ellis briefly appeared as Lucifer on The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover back in December.

Netflix goes full giallo in the first trailer for Curon, a supernatural mystery series from Italy. Announced last March, the show follows a mother and her teenage kids as they return home to a cursed village in Northern Italy. Instead of a warm welcome back, the family encounters strange rituals and persistent warnings to get out while they still can.

The series was created and written by Giovanni Galassi, Ivano Fachin, and Tommaso Matano. Ezio Abbate (Suburra) serves as head writer.

Take a look below:

The spine-tingling atmosphere and slightly off-kilter (though no less beautiful) cinematography on display in the trailer give us the promise of a scary good time. From Deep Red to Suspiria, Italy has never let us down in the horror genre.

Curon premieres on Netflix Wednesday, June 10.