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SYFY WIRE Tom Holland

WIRE Buzz: Uncharted filming soon; Jason Blum's Halloween trilogy; more

By Josh Grossberg
Tom Holland best chris 2019

Forget your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. If there's one character Tom Holland is gonna sling some secrets about, let it be Nathan Drake!

The Spider-Man: Far From Home star, who has a penchant for spilling a little too much information about his upcoming projects (just ask Marvel!), couldn't resist revealing some more tidbits about his role as the rogue treasure hunter in his early days in Sony Pictures' upcoming Uncharted movie.

After dishing a few days ago about how the would-be blockbuster will be an origin story to the video game, detailing how a young Drake got into the relic-hunting business. Now, Holland tells IGN that Uncharted will also draw inspiration from his favorite entry in the action-adventure series, Uncharted 4 and have a "global" scope.

Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4

"If I'm honest, one of my favorite video games ever is the fourth Uncharted game... Unbelievable. And lots of the inspiration from the film has come from that game in particular," Holland said. "It was interesting, when I sat down with [Sony Pictures Chairman] Tom Rothman and we were talking about video games, and I was like "Oh, I've just finished Uncharted." And he was like "Well, why don't you play Nathan Drake?" I remember being like, "I would do anything to play Nathan Drake. Please, that would be amazing."

The actor also revealed the film will start shooting in Berlin in four weeks and he's psyched about working with costar Mark Wahlberg who "is going to be amazing as Sully."

"The stunt department that we have out there in Berlin have done an amazing job already, prepping the stunts, and it's going to be an exciting one," he added.

Uncharted arrives in theaters March 5, 2021.

Michael Myers

Speaking of chatty, horror maestro Jason Blum gave an interview today to Gizmodo talking about how Halloween Kills, the forthcoming middle installment in his new Halloween trilogy, will have a definitive ending.

He goes on to note it won't have purported middle chapter problems that a film, like, say, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers had, breaking a massive story in the middle.

“[Halloween Kills] feels like a complete movie,” Blum told the site. “There’s a first, second, and third act. It has a big end. You still know from the end of the second movie where the third movie is going, but the second movie ends in a totally satisfying way. So it doesn’t feel like, you know, that Lord of the Rings issue that they had."

In case you're a bit rusty, Two Towers ended with an epic battle and the destruction of Isengard, setting up the final battle with Sauron in Mordor – an epic cliffhanger in a fantasy trilogy that won some Oscars. So admittedly not the same as a horror revival, but it seems they're keen not to end Kills on a cliffhanger.

David Gordon Green's planned Halloween trio based on John Carpenter's 1978 slasher classic will see the release next year of Halloween Kills followed in 2021 by Halloween Ends. Both movies are being shot back-to-back, having started back in September and once again find Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her iconic role as Laurie Strode battling the seemingly indestructible, knife-wielding Michael Myers, aka the Shape.

Let's just hope she doesn't meet Sauron's Eye and the wrath of Lord of the Rings fans.

Safdie Brothers

Last but not least, Showtime is going into business with the Safdie brothers, greenlighting a pilot to The Curse.

According to Deadline, Uncut Gems writer-directors Josh and Benny Safdie will team up with Nathan for You mastermind and star Nathan Fielder for a half-hour comedy about a curse that's plaguing a newly married couple who star in a troubled HGTV reality series called Flipanthropy.

Fielder will play the husband in the show while Benny Safdie will play the producer of the HGTV show.

No doubt, hilarity – and high anxiety – will ensue.