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Gaming: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands date; Twelve Minutes casts James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley; The Walking Dead

By Jacob Oller
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Gamescom 2020 has kicked off in full swing and with it comes a ton of updates on the best gaming has to offer. From the indie to the AAA, the trade fair (virtual this year and live-streamed) covered release dates, trailers, and many more for fan-favorite fare: like World of Warcraft. The beloved MMORPG is getting yet another expansion and this time it's one of biblical proportions. Well, whatever the Azeroth version of biblical is.

Shadowlands is dealing with the afterlife of Warcraft and to get fans in the mood of things, Blizzard Entertainment dropped two videos: one animation full of story and one trailer featuring the release date of the expansion. Check them both out below:

Shadowlands: Official Release Date Trailer

Ok, looks like Uther — hero of the Light — is getting a little revenge-happy with the help of an angel as he throws his old student, Arthas AKA The Lich King, into the Maw. Yikes. Looks like some complex morality is on its way for this storyline.

Shadowlands will take PC gamers into the great beyond on Oct. 27.

Next, time loop after time loop, pop culture returns to the same repetitive topics: and if they ain't broke, why fix them? That's what Twleve Minutes asks. The time loop game features an all-star voice cast and a dramatic, violent story in its first trailer.

Take a look:

James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe? Awesome. With opening voiceover from Dafoe, Twelve Minutes looks to bring an adult sci-fi feel to its top-down thriller. Gonna be a harrowing Groundhog Day, that's for sure.

Twelve Minutes hits Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC soon.

Finally, The Walking Dead turned up during the gaming event in an entirely unexpected capacity: as an expansion to a bridge-building simulator. Really. Fans of TWD should be well-versed in all things bridge, but this ridiculous trailer for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is, perhaps, a bridge too far.

Take a look:

Ok, really, who saw that coming? Though if there's one thing TWD fans understand, it's the importance of good infrastructure. They'll be able to flex that engineering muscle in style when this game drops ahead of the zombie show's return to AMC.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead looks to bring its deadpan humor and impressive physics to consoles and PC later this year.