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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp teases fourth season at NYCC 2019

By Jacob Oller
Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp is back! A Times Square takeover recently celebrated the beloved, kickass sci-fi Western's newfound fourth season, which came after production stalled earlier this year when IDW Entertainment — owner of the comic upon which the show is based and series co-producer — ran into financial troubles. Those issues have been resolved: Wynonna is back where it belongs. One fan-focused San Diego Comic-Con panel later, and the convention circuit is catering to Earpers once again. (“It’s like a fairy tale come true,” show creator Emily Andras told SYFY WIRE earlier this year. “A fairy tale with demons and feminist cowgirls.”)

On Saturday, at its New York Comic Con 2019 appearance, the buzz was all about the new material won by its unrelenting fanbase. Obviously it kicked off much like SDCC, with a sizzle reel thanking the Earpers themselves.

Speaking at the panel, Andras and cast members Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell (who already appeared on SYFY WIRE's Live Stage earlier during the con) talked about where the series was going — and, of course, all the fan-favorite bits leading up to the upcoming season. Andras describes returning to write the script after being away from the show as "terrifying." 

"Fighting and resistance and rebellion and fighting for what matters for you" — Andras says that these are the real-world themes that the fourth season of Wynonna should be about. Now that Wynonna is freed from the Earp curse, she is on that quest to save her trapped sister.

Speaking of which, Provost-Chalkley predicted that Waverly's time in the garden would be "traumatic" and require "some TLC" if/when she's rescued from her newfound prison. Then came the rest of the cast, Andras commented on Wynonna's buddy for the next season: "I think some interesting things are gonna happen to Nedley this year."

Tim Rozon popped in with a special video message (from an undisclosed part of Africa) lamenting his absence but saying hello to the fans present. “I just want to say you guys mean so much to me," the actor said. "Thank you for another year.”

The panel finished up with a small game about which Wynonna member would be most likely to do something (like cry at a sad movie), followed by audience questions. One notable question that popped up: What medium would the panelists love to see Wynonna Earp infiltrate?

Andras said she'd love "a $200 million movie." And you can bet Earpers would certainly be pleased.

Wynonna Earp is heading back to SYFY in late 2020.

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