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Zachary Levi brings Shazam! charm to Westeros in Game of Thrones parody

By Josh Weiss
Zachary Levi Game of Thrones MTV Movie Awards parody

Last night, HBO's Game of Thrones picked up the prize for Best Show at the MTV Movie & TV Awards before the network's annual pop culture ceremony even began. After that, the popular high-fantasy series, which concluded last month, got a hilarious parody, courtesy of Shazam!'s Zachary Levi, who served as this year's host.

The actor was digitally inserted into the penultimate episode of Season 8, "The Bells," standing in for Conleth Hill's Varys, who was executed by Queen Dany (Emilia Clarke) for treasonous activities committed against her regime. In MTV's lighthearted approach to the episode's beginning, Levi is found guilty of spreading the news that Dany and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) were boinking each other.

Take a look below:

Just shy of five minutes, the GoT parody has some truly inspired moments like the subversion of the cliche where a character doesn't have a great grasp on a foreign language. At first, we're meant to believe that Levi did not mean to say he had sex with Grey Worm's dog in Valyrian, but that's actually what he meant. He did not misspeak.

When he's finally sentenced to death by dragon fire (the dragon repellent can is kicked out of reach by Peter Dinklage's Tyrion), he realizes too late that he has a Snickers bar in his pocket, which will surely melt from the heat.

Levi also partook in a comedic jibe at Jordan Peele's Us, taking on the role of the raspy-voiced Red, the Tethered leader played by Lupita Nyong'o in the film. While Levi got to star in big movies, his double was forced to be a driver for Postmates and was never tipped through the app.

Watch the horror parody below:

Other major genre winners of the MTV evening were Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Bird Box, and The Handmaid's Tale. Despite being nominated in four different categories, Game of Thrones only took home one award.

"A lot of amazing people work on Game of Thrones, so I feel weird being the one to hold this, but I've always wanted to hold one of these," said Jacob Anderson, who played Grey Worm. "So, congratulations to everybody, all the people I love on the show, who have worked incredibly hard, you will get to touch this. Cast and crew, and everybody who's amazing, we did it!"

Lastly, Warner Bros. dropped a fresh, never-before-seen clip from Annabelle Comes Home, which opens in theaters on June 26. Marking the directorial debut of It writer Gary Dauberman, the movie will bring back fan-favorite Conjuring alums Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga).

Meanwhile, all six episodes of the Game of Thrones' final season are now streaming on HBO's various platforms. Us, now available to purchase or rent on digital platforms, arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, Wednesday, June 19.