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Credit: Blake Northcott

Scott Lobdell, Blake Northcott, and Roc Upchurch enter the swamps in horror graphic novel, Everglade Angels

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Jul 13, 2019, 4:30 PM EDT

Grab some bug repellent and sensible shoes as you step into the steamy swamps of Scott Lobdell and Blake Northcott's upcoming indie horror offering, Everglade Angels. This R-rated, 48-page graphic novel is the debut release from Northworld Publishing which fuses elements of baseball, mystery, and '90s slasher films in a decadent comics cocktail — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive early look to share.

Everglade Angels

Credit: Blake Northcott

Everglade Angels also carries with it the added prestige of being the first horror graphic novel from acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell (The Uncanny X-Men, Teen Titans), who's also the screenwriter/creator of Happy Death Day.

Co-created and penned by Canadian talent Northcott (FathomVampirella), the bestselling writer of Arena Mode and The North Valley Grimoire, this impressive creator-owned book contains intense, atmospheric art by Roc Upchurch, whose Eisner and Hugo nominated Image Comics series, Rat Queens, won a 2015 GLAAD Award. 

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Credit: Blake Northcott

The perilous plotline follows the misadventures of a girls softball team that unfortunately takes a scary shortcut through the Florida Everglades, where they veer off the path of civilization towards an evening they'll never forget, a night that includes drinking, dancing, and once last party before college begins and they go their separate ways into the world.

But when they stumble into a vicious trap set by a murderous cult, their fate is set for a frightening night of bloody carnage – but the masked cult has never quite dealt with a gang of victims who are fully ready to punch back. What unfolds is a double-header of murder, mystery, and survival horror that will smack you square on the skull like a lead bat. Batter up!

Everglade Angels Slice 1

Credit: Blake Northcott

“I’m a huge fan of both the stories and creators of the '90s - it was a magic time that can’t be replicated - but that won’t stop me from trying," Northcott tells SYFY WIRE. "That’s where this project started. To create the first graphic novel from Northworld Publishing I wanted a comic book dream team, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

“Scott Lobdell is a horror guru on top of being one of the most iconic X-Men writers of the '90s, and Roc Upchurch has to be the most underrated and versatile artist in the business. His award-winning run on Rat Queens was one of my favourite series of the last decade, and as a lifelong Frazetta fan, his work has always carried a torch for that era.”

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Credit: Blake Northcott

“Not unlike Tree in Happy Death Day, the girls of Everglade Angels are merciless in how they gut the ‘Final Girl Trope’," Lobdell tells SYFY WIRE. "Blake and I both love horror movies, and we’d always push each other to come up with a fresh take. When we stumbled onto this A League Of Their Own as a slasher flick, we knew we were onto something awesome!

“I left the recruiting of the artist to Blake — which turned out to be a brilliant decision because I never in a million years would have thought Roc might be interested in a high concept horror story.  But leave it to him to make scary look so lovely.”

Now check out our exclusive 5-page peek at Everglade Angels in the full gallery below, then let us know if this bat-swinging horror tale might be a publishing grand slam for the entire creative team. Pre-order starts today - July 13 - with delivery before Halloween!