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Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Fan-Cast the Stars Who'd Voice Their Inside Out 2 Emotions

"Somebody asked me who would be the voice of Joy in my head, and I immediately thought of Martin Short," revealed the Inside Out 2 star.

It's always a joyous occasion when Amy Poehler swings by Late Night with Seth Meyers — especially on June 5, when she came by to talk voicing Joy in the upcoming Inside Out 2

It was a "Weekend Update" reunion for the former Saturday Night Live cast members, in which Poehler revealed she was extremely jet-lagged from her whirlwind press tour promoting the new Pixar movie.

During her appearance, Poehler shared plane stories — such as watching Moonstruck during her flight, and receiving a worrying update from her pilot as they descended into Singapore.

At one point during the interview, Seth Meyers showed a cool piece of art featuring the characters from Inside Out on the set of Late Night. Meyers aptly described it as, "My emotions while I'm doing a show."

Leading Poehler to ponder, "It would be fun to think about who voices the voices of your head. Like, who is anger in your head? Who is that voice?"

"With all due respect to everybody in this, because the voices are perfect, I would like Bill Burr to do my anger voice," Meyers answered, referring to the actor-comedian.

"That makes sense, because they should have a Boston accent," said the former Parks and Recreation star. "I feel most of the anger that's happened in my life is done with a Boston accent."

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Amy Poehler during an interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1526, on June 5, 2024.

Amy Poehler says Martin Short would voice her joy, Inside Out 2-style

"Somebody asked me who would be the voice of Joy in my head, and I immediately thought of Martin Short," Poehler continued. "I think he's one of the most joyous people there is. So joyous and fun and funny too. But I called him, and he's not avail..." Maybe he was too busy shooting the new season of Only Murders in the Building.

Martin Short wears an all black outfit and smiles at the camera.

Whether sitting next to President Joe Biden, or doing her best Moonstruck Cher impression — whenever Poehler pops by Late Night, it's always a cause for joy.