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Chambers unleashes heart transplant horror in first trailer for Netflix series

By Jacob Oller

What’s the point of putting some evil body parts into your body if you don’t show off the awful transition? Netflix’s upcoming horror show Chambers, starring Uma Thurman, recently teased body horror fans with some spooky images, but now its heart-transplant terror has gotten its first trailer.

A girl has a heart attack and gets a new heart. The donor, of course, had to die... and not in a pleasant way either, it seems. And she certainly doesn’t want to stay dead.

There’s something off about the family of the donor — and something off with our heroine’s ticker. Cultish imagery and tons of blood accompany Sivan Alyra Rose’s journey of survival and identity, which hopefully won’t end with her killing anyone.

Take a look:

But the amount of gory chest-bursting in the trailer — as well as animal masks (why is it always animal masks?) — certainly isn’t preparing an audience for a calm and simple time. As her dad ironically intones that this heart attack was the best thing that could happen to her, the protagonist is seeing ghosts and becoming more psychopathic by the hour. And we’ll be along for the ride soon.

Chambers unleashes its horrors when it hits Netflix on April 26.

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