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'Chucky': Jennifer Tilly drops f-bombs just for child actor playing murderous doll in Season 2

Chucky isn't all doom and gloom, as Jennifer Tilly's behind-the-scenes video clearly shows.

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By Tyler McCarthy

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You know, Chucky gets a bad rap for being an insatiable, pint-sized killer, but does that really take away from his cuteness? Judging by Jennifer Tilly's most recent Instagram post from the set of the USA/SYFY hit series, Chucky, we'd have to say no: cuteness prevails.

As you can see in the video below, the actress who plays Tiffany Valentine (mostly) on the show gave fans a devilishly cute behind-the-scenes look at the child actor who helps bring the nefarious doll to life.

Most of the time, Chucky is able to move around because of sophisticated puppetry that takes several talented puppeteers to operate. However, sometimes to capture his more complicated movements, a little boy named Jacob dons the iconic Chucky costume — wild orange wig included — and creeps around the set.

Tilly, who has been sharing snippets of her time working on the upcoming season on social media, took to Instagram on Wednesday where she shared a video of Jacob dressed in full Chucky attire getting his signature wig removed by makeup personnel. While Chucky may be the stuff of nightmares, it turns out little Jacob is as pleasant as they come.

“Jacob is playing Chucky again this year because everybody loved him last year,” Tilly says at the top of the clip.

That’s when the boy politely asks her to say one of her lines from the first season while tactfully avoiding saying any of her swear words himself.

“Hey, Jennifer Tilly, do that one part of like the ‘F you Chucky, thank you Chucky,’ do that!” he says.

It turns out, although he watches his language, he’s a Chucky fan through and through and gets the show's dark humor.

“Oh, I don’t know if I can say that because you are underage,” Tilly responds. “You mean the part where I say ‘F*** you Chucky, thank you Chucky’? You like that part? Your mom won’t let you say those kinds of words will she?”

“Nope,” he responds politely.

So, although Chucky may be a foul-mouthed, murderous possessed doll, the child actor who plays him is a sweet little boy who politely avoids saying words his mom doesn't allow him to. He'll still laugh at them, though. (Freakin' adorable, this one.)

Jacob and Tilly won’t be the only ones reprising their roles in the Chucky TV series when it returns this fall. It was recently announced that yet another person who played some version of Charles Lee Ray, Fiona Dourif, will return in Season 2 as Nica Pierce. In addition, Season 1 actor Devon Sawa is coming back alongside Devon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson), Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind), Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), Kyle (Christine Elise), and Mayor Michelle Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods).

There promises to be more bloodshed, more mayhem and, very likely, more lines that Tilly will be reluctant to quote back to Jacob.

Chucky Season 2 premieres on USA Network & SYFY this fall. The complete first season, which garnered 11.6 million viewers across all platforms and currently holds a 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, is currently available to stream on Peacock.

This post originally appeared on USA Insider.