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'An irresistible opportunity': 'Chucky' creator Don Mancini planned that Tiffany reveal for 10 years

The Child’s Play franchise wouldn’t exist without Tiffany Valentine.

By Caitlin Busch
CHUCKY 106 Still

Horror fans first met Tiffany Valentine in 1998's Bride of Chucky, in which the eponymous bride reunited with her murderous, doll-possessing lover and joined him in unholy matrimony. Since then, both Tiffany and actress Jennifer Tilly have been mainstays of Don Mancini's Child's Play franchise. However, SYFY and USA Network's Chucky Season 1 made Tiffany more vital to Charles Lee Ray's story than ever before.

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In the Season 1 finale, "An Affair to Dismember," Tiffany reveals what might be her greatest secret of 30 years to Chucky: She was the one who called the cops on him on that fateful Chicago night in the original Child's Play (1988). Meaning, without Tiffany — her jealously, her vindictiveness, her amazingly toxic love — Charles Lee Ray would never have been shot and forced to transfer his soul into a Good Guy doll.

The Child's Play franchise wouldn't exist without Tiffany Valentine.

When SYFY spoke with Mancini after the Season 1 finale, our first question was about this realization: How long had he been planning this reveal?

"For a while," he said. "Probably about 10 years! Because in Curse of Chucky, we depicted other events that were going on that night [in the original Child's Play] as well. I think that was really when I started thinking about it and then when we were going to bring it into television and I knew we were going to have the room and the time to really dig into that backstory via flashbacks, it just seemed perfect."

What was so perfect about it, beyond the sheer mind-blowing reveal of it all?

"Because these characters have always been locked in this kind of dysfunctional, toxic relationship where they're always one-upping one another with acts of cruelty and hostility or murder or whatever it is," Mancini adds with a wry laugh. "So it just seemed an irresistible opportunity to find out that Tiffany actually was the cause of all of it from the beginning."

SYFY & USA's Chucky provided more context for Chucky and Tiffany's relationship than ever before. We got to see their fateful meeting, scenes from their early, violent years, and the beginnings of a once-in-a-generation and deeply unhealthy relationship. Even with Tiffany's big reveal about the part she played in Chucky's doll-ification, a love like that doesn't really die — just like Chucky and Tiffany themselves.

Also in the season finale, we see that Tiffany's soul lives on in yet another Bride doll as she rides along with a grown Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) and an army of Chucky-possessed Good Guy dolls. No spoilers, but Mancini hinted during our interview that he's got big plans for Tiffany in Season 2 — plans that seem all the more tantalizing now that Tilly has been confirmed as returning for the series' sophomore season this fall. The possibilities feel as endless as the ways in which Tiffany could wreak more havoc than ever on Andy's life.

After the return announcement broke, Tilly had this to say to fans: "I've read the scripts. They are so crazy and wild, you are going to love them. That's all I can say." 

Find out how Tiffany's story will continue to grow when Chucky Season 2 premieres on SYFY & USA this fall!

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