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Exclusive: Take a frightening ride on Dark Horse's mystery horror miniseries, Last Stop on the Red Line

By Jeff Spry
The Last Stop on the Red Line

Big city subways are inherently creepy places for those of us born in the western regions of our country, and are often depicted in film, TV, and comics as seedy places where paranormal activities and violent crimes are centered.

A new 4-issue miniseries rolling out from Dark Horse Comics seeks to exploit those impressionable fears by setting its horror crime title aboard the rattling cars of a metropolitan mass transit train in Beantown, and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive ticket inside the pages.

Red Line Cover A

Written by Paul Maybury (Valhalla Mad, Aqua Leung) and paired with unsettling artwork by rising star Sam Lotfi (Cyborg, Lark's Killer), then saturated with atmospheric colors from John Rauch, Last Stop on the Red Line pulls into the station on May 15 with its monstrous murder mystery.

The pitch-black storyline follows Detective Migdalia Torres as she investigates a brutal strangling inside a Boston subway car, with no potential leads. As mounting evidence unfortunately results in multiple dead ends, Migdalia unknowingly rescues a strange vagrant named Yusef who may have a paranormal connection to the horrible homicide.

Red Line Slice #1

Maybury's approach to the plot poses the question, what’s scarier than the possibility that you’re not a good person?

"I believe we may have become desensitized to individual genres," Maybury tells SYFY WIRE. "Noir and horror both place an audience into the story with varying vantage points. Noir navigates a mystery with a humanizing cynicism behind its structure. As an audience, we’re trained to sniff out pattern and motive. Horror is a similar, albeit less passive, experience. Horror poses the tantalizing and close-to-home question, 'What would I do in this scenario?'

"Last Stop on the Red Line is a puzzle to put together amidst a layered reality where you’ll question if the pieces in your hands are truly there. With no virtuous protagonists, the dread of rooting for and projecting yourself onto the monster is real.”

Red Line Slice 4

Lotfi has populated the pages of this terror train tale with some crazy creatures destined to leave you shivering at the boarding platform.

"Fear of the unknown is something we can all relate to," Lotfi reveals to SYFY WIRE. "That's what brings the mystery and horror elements together for a chilling ride on the Red Line.”

Hop inside our exclusive peek at Last Stop on the Red Line #1 in the full gallery below, then tell us if you're all aboard Dark Horse's mystery ride when it reaches its destination at comic shops on May 15.