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Exclusive: See the cover for Suleikha Snyder's steamy new paranormal romance, Big Bad Wolf

By Carly Lane
Big Bad Wolf cover reveal hero

Romantic suspense and shifters are two of my absolute favorite subgenres in romance — so imagine my immense delight when SYFY FANGRRLS was asked to do the honors on unveiling the cover of author Suleikha Snyder's first book in her upcoming Third Shift series, Big Bad Wolf, which will be released by Sourcebooks Casablanca on January 26, 2021. (I may also have a slightly invested interest in this because it's no secret that the hero of this particular book was inspired, at least in part, by Jon Bernthal's Punisher, a subject I have written on with great passion and intensity.)

What's Third Shift, you may ask? Well, in the realm of this particular universe, New York became a Sanctuary City for supernaturals in 2016... but things quickly spun out of control. Now, Third Shift is an elite team of operatives tasked with exposing the gritty truth of New York's criminal-supernatural underworld, taking down the worst of the worst and protecting human and shifter-kind alike.

Of course, it's important to whet everyone's appetite with a little teaser before the main event, so without further ado, here's the official summary of Big Bad Wolf to get you intrigued:

They call him a monster. More wolf than man—more dangerous than any predator.

They have no idea.

Joe Peluso has blood on his hands. He took out the mobsters responsible for killing his foster brother, and that one act of vigilante justice has earned him countless enemies in New York's supernatural-controlled underworld. He knows that shifters like him deserve the worst. Darkness. Pain. Solitude. But meeting Neha makes him feel human for the first time in forever.

Lawyer and psychologist Neha Ahluwalia knows Joe is guilty, but she's determined to help him craft a solid defense... even if she can't defend her own obsession. Just one look from the wolf shifter makes her skin burn hot and her pulse race. When a payback hit goes wrong, Neha's forced to make a choice: help Joe escape or leave him to his fate. Before long they're on the run ― from the monsters who want him dead, from their own traitorous hearts, and from an attraction that threatens to destroy them.

Check out the official Big Bad Wolf cover below, and don't forget to smash that pre-order button in anticipation of the book's release date on January 26, 2021.

Big Bad Wolf cover revised