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SYFY WIRE Final Fantasy VII

FFVII Remake, D&D: Dark Alliance and more of The Game Awards' fresh new trailers

By Benjamin Bullard
Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII Remake

This year’s Game Awards brought more spectacle than ever to a video gaming world that’s bursting at the seams with cool new projects for just about every imaginable format . But while plenty of deserved awards were doled out live, the real spectacle remained on the screen — where one new trailer after another teased hugely-anticipated blockbusters alongside some surprise announcements to whet our insatiable gaming appetites even more.

Square Enix rolled out a brand-new look at the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Remake, putting the spotlight squarely (ahem) on Cloud Strife while showing off fresh glimpses at RPG icons like Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Aerith, and even Sephiroth. 

We already know tons about Remake’s first installment, which will reportedly follow the groundbreaking PlayStation 1 classic up to the point when the action is about to move away from Midgar's cyberpunk confines. Consider the new clip, then, an eye-dazzling placeholder while we make the short wait between now and Mar. 3 of next year, when Final Fantasy VII: Remake materia-lizes (see what we did there?) for PlayStation 4:

The Dungeons & Dragons renaissance has led us to this: The first full-length D&D video game designed to take its rightful place alongside the ocean of present-day RPG titles its pen-and-paper ideas have been inspiring since video games first began. 

Wizards of the Coast and in-house developer Tuque Games showed off a thrashin’ new trailer for Dark Alliance, the D&D-themed spiritual successor and sequel to 2001’s Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance — which itself was set in D&D’s Forgotten Realms and employed the gameplay rules laid down in the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rulebook. It’s definitely a gonzo take on the D&D lore-verse. If you had any qualms that the video game version of D&D would be sanitized of all the blood, gore, drama, and fantastical ambition of its tabletop counterpart, the trailer proves the perfect antidote. Dark Alliance is slated to arrive sometime in the fall of 2020.

Ghost of Tsushima has been a distant mirage for a while, but that all appears to have changed with Sucker Punch’s meaty cinematic trailer for the upcoming action-adventurer set in a lushly-rendered version of mythic feudal Japan.  

Boasting what may be some of the most detailed CGI graphics to grace the current generation of game consoles, the new Ghost trailer serves up an epic look into a world where death gives way to a new, determined post-life for protagonist Jin Sakai (aka the Ghost) — the “last samurai” to avenge his countrymen after the Mongol invasion of Japan. A PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima releases sometime in the summer of next year.

It seems like an age since Amazon teased its first foray into the world of big-time gaming, but it looks like the wait is paying off. The online giant has finally shared a nice long glimpse at New World, its upcoming MMO adventure that puts a fantastical twist on the age of discovery. New World makes landfall in May of next year:

Former employees at Arkane Studios, the makers of some of Bethesda's most innovative games (Dishonored, Prey) may be starting up their own outfit, but they're wasting no time showing off what they've got in store. Devolver Digital and the newly-minted Wolfeye Studios showed off Weird West, an intriguing new western-themed action-RPG that reimagines the Wild West as a place "where lawmen and gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical creatures," according to the developers.

The ink on Weird West's announcement is still fresh, so there's no early word on a release date. But with so many new titles inbound for 2020, we'll happily bide our time as we sift through the growing pile of gaming goodies to tide us over.