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SYFY WIRE Jon Bernthal

Gaming: Jon Bernthal hungry like a wolf in Ghost Recon Breakpoint; Final Fantasy news; more

By Benjamin Bullard
Jon Bernthal in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Back in May, news got around that Jon Bernthal had signed on for a voice part (and a remarkable gaming look-alike character) for a pair of downloadable missions in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Now it looks like he’s getting ready to step into a much bigger role, as a central character in Ghost Recon Breakpoint — a completely new entry in the sci-fi-tinged shooter series.

Following this week’s news that Breakpoint would be among the launch games for Google’s new Stadia platform, Ubisoft revealed a new preview trailer narrated by Bernthal himself. If you’re already a fan of his gritty, stoic Punisher persona, you’ll find plenty of overlap in the new clip, which finds him relishing his bad-guy role as a “wolf,” one of Breakpoint’s ex-Ghost soldiers who've abandoned their ideals and turned to the dark side.

Set in 2023 and featuring a completely fictional setting for the first time in Ghost Recon series history, Breakpoint is set to unload tons more details when E3 arrives next week. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and now Stadia, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint stalks onto your system of choice on Oct. 4.

With tons of thirst for fresh news on the Final Fantasy VII remake, as well as the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, Square Enix is busy prepping one of its most heavily anticipated E3 showings in years. And with Final Fantasy set to play a big role in this year’s presentation, the studio has just dropped a meaty new six-minute trailer to set up its other big FF debut: Shadowbringers, the fourth major expansion to Final Fantasy XIV in the hugely popular MMORPG’s six-year history.

Packing in nearly everything but the kitchen sink and pulling off a darker, almost Devil May Cry vibe, the trailer sets up the role-reversing lengths players will have to go to to take on a new evil in Eorzea:

Shadowbringers is due out on July 2 for PlayStation 4, PC, and MacOS, but there’s no waiting around at all for Square Enix’s other big piece of Final Fantasy news.

In a huge score (pun intended) for longtime FF music lovers, the complete soundtracks for all 15 mainline Final Fantasy games (and even spinoffs like FFXIII-2) are, at long last, finally available for anyone with access to Apple Music or Spotify. That means you can finally relive the orchestration of the Dalmasca Estersand from FFXII or Aerith’s Theme from FFVII anytime you like, without having to scour the internet and hope for the best.

A quick test of the new feature reveals you’ll definitely want to be specific about what you’re looking for, though: Just be sure to type in a search for the full numbered game title (such as “Final Fantasy IX”) in order to plug in to hours upon hours of iconic musical themes from legendary FF composers like Nobuo Uematsu and Hitoshi Sakimoto. Or, if thrash metal is more your speed, just head straight for FFXIII-2’s “Crazy Chocobo” track. No matter your taste, the full trove of Final Fantasy music is now just one click away.

Finally, the just-released trailer for all-new fantasy RPG Greedfall appears to be going viral, inching near the million-view mark on YouTube just one day out from its June 6 debut. Set in a fictional age of exploration and liberally dosed with the sort of fantasy elements, mythical beasts, and magic that still haven’t made it into existence even in our 21st century, Greedfall follows your human character on a choice-based mission either to help colonize your island paradise or to ally with its native Elves to help defend it. Also, there be pirates ahoy — because what fantasy RPG isn’t better with pirates?

Developed by Spiders (the studio, not the arachnids) and published by Focus Home Interactive, Greedfall is set to make landfall this September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.