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SYFY WIRE Halloween Horror Nights

A Quiet Place Is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2024 at Universal Hollywood & Orlando

The first bi-coastal Halloween Horror Nights haunted house of the 2024 scare season has been revealed!

By Tara Bennett

Over the last few weeks, Universal Studios Orlando has been gradually teasing their 2024 Halloween Horror Nights original lineup of haunted houses. Now, it's Universal Studios Hollywood's turn to join the fun as both theme parks have revealed the first shared IP haunted house of the upcoming season: A Quiet Place.

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Inspired by Paramount Pictures’ critically acclaimed franchise of films, the A Quiet Place haunted houses will open for scares starting Friday, August 30 at Universal Orlando Resort, and Thursday, September 5 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

What is A Quiet Place all about?

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski at the red carpet for the World Premiere of "A Quiet Place Part II"

From the start, the A Quiet Place film franchise has been creatively shepherded by John Krasinski (a.k.a. our forever Jim on The Office). He directed A Quiet Place, wrote and directed A Quiet Place II and co-wrote/produced the upcoming prequel, A Quiet Place: Day One. The post-apocalyptic thriller/horror series is centered on the invasion of blind extraterrestrial creatures who crash onto Earth and end civilization as humans know it. Keenly attuned to all sounds, the aliens find their prey when they feel vibrations or loud sounds. Humans who survive the initial onslaught quickly figure out that being as silent as possible is their only chance at evading their new intergalactic predators. All three films provide different survivor perspectives of the invasion. 

What should A Quiet Place fans expect from the haunted houses?

Key art for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights: A Quiet Place

As silence means salvation in the films, the A Quiet Place haunted houses in each theme park will embrace that approach too. Featuring unique sound design, special effects and performances by scare actors who will lean into the dread for some potent jump scares, the haunted houses will have a "less is more" sound approach. And for the very first time, the haunted houses will incorporate the use of American Sign Language (ASL) which is featured in the films. 

The houses will include familiar visuals and set pieces seen in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II. For example, guests will traverse the creaking floorboards of the Abbott farmhouse including their safe house root cellar. Per the Universal Studios release: "The snarls of the larger-than-life predators will follow guests at every spine-chilling turn, and guests must remember: "if they hear you, they will hunt you."

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Fans can get a jump-start on their Halloween Horror Nights gear with an all-new merchandise collection available for purchase now at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as online. New items include a t-shirt and mug inspired by the all-original A Quiet Place haunted house.

Look for more Halloween Horror Nights 2024 announcements for both theme parks throughout the summer. To find out all of the Halloween Horror Nights event dates or to buy tickets, check out the website