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SYFY WIRE Avengers: Endgame

Interactive Graphic helps explain the 'Time Heist' from Endgame

By Donnie Lederer

If multiple viewings didn’t help understand the “Time Heist,” how about a more interactive approach?

It’s been roughly six weeks since the MCU entered the Endgame (it’s okay to talk about it freely since Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers are now being shown in front of movies). Of the many discussions had by fans over the film, the most popular is the “Time Heist” and the use of time travel throughout the film.

Whether or not Scott Lang’s strong statement about Back to the Future is true, we can all agree that time travel can be a bit of a pain. It’s hard to argue the physics of something that technically doesn’t exist (yet). In the meantime, fan Oren Bell has done his best to explain what the Avengers were trying to do.

Reported by CBR, Bell has created an interactive graphic that visually explains where each character went during the Heist. If you click on an Avenger, you see where they traveled, who they went with, and what happened while they were there.

This graphic shows Bell’s love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Making something so detailed takes dedication and time. Bell also showed they understand how Marvel can be silly at times, putting in a lot of humor within the descriptions of each team’s trip.

If you understood Endgame’s time travel, excellent, you could still have fun with this graphic because it is fun. If you didn’t understand it, then this is the perfect guide for you. Just remember, the present is now your past and other stuff.