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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Let Alan Tudyk and Elizabeth Bowen Take You on a Resident Alien Diner Tour

Tudyk and Elizabeth Bowen reveal the secrets of Joe's Diner ahead of the Season 3 premiere. 

By James Grebey
Resident Alien: Joe's Diner Tour with Alan Tudyk and Elizabeth Bowen

Resident Alien’s dark secret has been revealed: The pies in Joe's Diner are fake. 

How to Watch

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Alan Tudyk and Elizabeth Bowen, who play Harry Vanderspeigle and Deputy Liv Baker, respectively, on the hit SYFY series, gave fans a behind-the-scenes tour of the most happening spot in Patience, Colorado. In the video, which you can watch above the pair get ready for the upcoming premiere of Season 3 (premiering on Valentine's Day, February 14,) by reminiscing about some of the big moments that went down in Joe’s Dinner in the first two seasons. 

Who could forget the time when Liv told off Sherrif Mike (Corey Reynolds) and smashed his burger? Bowen revealed that the burger she squished was very real and made a little bit of a mess as part of the now thoroughly ground beef escaped the bag they’d been stored inside. Then there was the time that Harry — who of course is really an alien in the guise of a human — had his foot cut off in the the walk-in freezer. 

“I spoiled an entire cast of fish,” Tudyk lamented. 

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Judah Prehn, who plays Max Hawthorne, the only resident of Patience who can see Harry’s true extra-terrestrial form when in disguise, makes a little appearance, too. It’s when Prehn appears that the most shocking reveal in the video occurs. Joe’s Diner is serving years-old pies. 

“This pie has been here since Season 1. It was made with a lot of love,” Tudyk deadpanned. 

When Does Resident Alien Season 3 Premiere?

After watching the behind-the-scenes tour in the video above, get ready to see if that pie is still around in Season 3, which premieres on SYFY on Wednesday, February 14. There will be a premiere simulcast on USA Network, and new episodes will be available next day on Peacock

You can watch all of Seasons 1 and 2 of Resident Alien on Peacock.