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Look of the Week: Steve Trevor's WW84 makeover

By Emma Fraser
Wonder Woman 1984

Welcome back to Look of the Week, celebrating the best in TV and film sartorial excellence, past and present across sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and other genre classics!

In the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, business tycoon Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) offers up the chance of a lifetime, telling the world, "Anything you dream of, you can have it." If your answer to this tantalizing proposition is Chris Pine (aka the Best Chris) modeling various styles from the sartorially divisive decade, you are in luck! At the DC FanDome event, a WW84 virtual panel featured surprise guests and a brand new trailer, which unveiled new costume moments from the pandemic-delayed sequel.

Lindy Hemming's costume design definitely does not disappoint when it comes to the fabulous interpretations of this era that appear alongside Diana's (Gal Gadot) striking new winged gold armor. Thoughts? We have many.


"It's like not one day has passed," Steve Trevor tells the ethereal white gown-clad superhero when they are reunited for the first time since he took that fateful plane ride in 1918. Technology and fashion have evolved over the course of the nearly 70 years since Steve and Diana last saw each other, which means he has a lot of catching up to do — particularly when it comes to pants.

Early official images and paparazzi photos revealed a number of familiar trends, including a Members Only jacket paired with a Casio watch. Classic Nike Cortez sneakers previously worn by both Farrah Fawcett in her stylish turn on Charlie's Angels and Forrest Gump are Steve's choice of contemporary footwear.

wonder woman 1984

Normally, it would be custom to roll your eyes at a dude doing the bare casual minimum when standing next to a woman wearing something as stunning as Diana's flowing dress. But in this case, Steve probably has a very good excuse for his lack of black-tie decorum. We have previously described Pine as the "Genre Romance Hero We Need Right Now," a factor this trailer backs up with a brief glimpse of a Washington D.C. catch-up. Doing a twirl with this backdrop is quite the dreamy set-up (before danger inevitably ruins the mood).

The swoon levels are already set to hight before he launches into a hero or comedic mode. Of course, this is very much Diana's story — something the actor discussed in an interview with Patty Jenkins last year — and Steve is here to support her narrative arc.

wonder woman 1984

Hair blowing in the wind, Steve straddles a tank while wearing the previously shown Nike Cortez, but this initial get-up is pretty low on the ‘80s fads. In fact, most of these garments wouldn't look out of place now. The fanny pack, which was spotted on set unleashed several theories about what Steve is storing in his bag of choice, but nothing could prepare us for the second fanny pack in his arsenal. Now he is leaning hard into the American-tourist-abroad patriotic garb.

Costume designer Hemming served up a rotation of military attire, debonair coats, and cream knitwear to rival another Chris in the first Wonder Woman. In 1918, Steve Trevor is fully in command of his clothing choices and even has some thoughts on Diana's less than subtle (for the time and place) Themyscira armor. A trip to London's iconic department store Selfridge's led to a fun subversion of the makeover montage. Now it is time for Diana to get some clothing payback on her beau, cue the rotation of wild outfits to confuse the man who last went shopping in the 1910s.

wonder woman 1984

In preparation for WW84, we took a look at the movies released in this same year to construct a mood board of potential inspiration, from the teen attire in A Nightmare on Elm Street to the Red Dawn military flex. While it doesn't seem like Steve is taking cropped shirt tips from Freddy Krueger's victims, he does step outside his comfort zone, and nothing could prepare us for perfectly deployed parachute pants dad joke. Not only is the black and red pleather ensemble leaning into a heavy MTV aesthetic but it also sets this gag up perfectly when the former pilot takes the name literally.

If this outfit tees Steve up for a dad joke, another selection serves up full dork dad. It is a testament to Pine's off-screen off-kilter fashion sense that he makes it look GQ-ready. Despite his reticence, he is more than willing to give it a go and this further adds to the swoon scale. Additionally, the perfectly deployed fanny pack reveal is art.


The pleated pants are maybe a step too far, but that graphic print shirt is in line with what the paparazzi have captured him wearing over the last few months. Previously, Pine has gifted us with a vacation caftan-wearing dream, emulated orange sherbet at SDCC, and delivered some sidewalk-turned-runway inspiration while grabbing coffee. Most importantly, he never forgets to wear a mask, which perfectly complements his rotation of RBG tanks, $65 shorts, and leopard print shirts (paired with cuffed jeans and white Birkenstocks).

A flash of animal print appears in the foreground of clothes possibly discarded during the '80s makeover hints at one of Diana's WW84 foes. That's right, this trailer also gives a glimpse of Kristen Wiig's transformation for bookish Barbara Minerva to Cheetah. The kitty-themed graphic is unlikely a hint at a Steve Trevor betrayal, but here's hoping that his rotation of garments resembles the pattern the actor is so fond of in his real-life closet. Pine celebrated his 40th birthday on August 26, and we can think of no better way to honor this milestone birthday than by raising a glass to his sartorial prowess — whether he is waiting to buy coffee or seemingly coming back from the dead.