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It's a fight to the death between 'Lucifer' and Chloe in trailer for final Netflix season

By Nivea Serrao
Lucifer 603 Still

The end is nigh for Netflix's Lucifer, but everyone's favorite devil-turned-detective-turned-god won't be flying into the sunset quite so easily if the newly released trailer for the final season (below) is anything to go by. 

Season 6 will see Lucifer (The Flash's Tom Ellis) continue to grapple with ascending to his father's throne — or rather his desire to be a "full-cocked" god — while also having to deal with some folks who want to see "Lucifer Morningstar" dead. One of these new foes is an angel named Rory (Deadpool 2's Brianna Hildebrand), who probably didn't get the memo about his new promotion, while the other is... none other than Chloe (Chicago Fire's Lauren German) herself. Though it could possibly be Rory in disguise or even one of Lucifer's dreams.

After all, this is the series that did a genre-busting musical episode not too long ago. 

And it looks like the show might be pushing its boundaries a bit more again this season, as the trailer also features a brief clip of what looks like an animated scene from the show. It's unclear whether this might result in a whole episode set in this animated space, or if it will be just a few scenes in a larger episode. (This dream theory is looking better and better...) 

Of course, that's not all that will be on the characters' plates when the show returns. Not only will they be mourning a recent loss, but these final 10 episodes will see the world start to fall apart as the apocalypse draws nearer. While all this is happening, Amandiel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer's D. B. Woodside) will be joining the L.A.P.D. and Lucifer himself will come under investigation by Detective Carol Corbett (Avengers Assemble's Scott Porter). Though as the trailer shows, he doesn't seem to be warming to Lucifer very much. 

Lesley Ann-Brandt (The Librarians) also stars, along with Rachael Harris (Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb), Aimee Garcia (Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.), and Kevin Alejandro (Arrow).

Seasons 1-5 of Lucifer are now available to stream on Netflix, with the sixth and final season of the show dropping on Sept. 10. 

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