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Lucifer introduces a twin brother and a whole lotta butt in first fiery Season 5 trailer

By Jacob Oller
Lucifer Crisis on Infinite Earths

After a Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo only made Lucifer even more fun, the show saved by Netflix and starring the Devil himself (Tom Ellis) has dropped the first trailer for its fifth fiery season — which is no longer its last thanks to being renewed for a fitting 6-6-6 season run. This 16-episode season will be aired in two distinct parts, with the first teased with a first look promising plenty of the sexy, sultry, supernatural happenings that has made the series a fan favorite.

Yes, the Devil is back and it's causing a lot of concern for those that know him. And that's after coming to terms with his absence: "Lucifer can, well, he can go to Hell." But then here the besuited bad boy comes strolling back, whistling all the while. Those that merely want to look at him will also be pleased, however, because there is some gratuitous demon derrière.

Take a look:

Welcome back, Lucifer 2.0. And by that, we clearly mean his twin: Michael. Oh lord, this is gonna be a complicated season of crime, sex, and the heavens — with twin Tom Ellises battling it out. Awesome. Finding a rowdy and fitting afterlife on the streaming service after dying at Fox, Lucifer has been putting out some of its strongest episodes yet. 

Lucifer premieres its return (or at least the first half of its delightfully devilish comeback) on Aug. 21.