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SYFY WIRE Matt Damon

WIRE Buzz: Matt Damon not done with Loki; Tesla hits the road with Netflix; more

By Benjamin Bullard
Matt Damon

Watching Matt Damon pretend to be Loki in Thor: Ragnarok was one of those early moments in the movie when you got the feeling that Taika Waititi’s take on the God of Thunder was going to be bringing the funny. For anyone who remembers Damon’s turn as a fallen angel of the same name in 1999’s Dogma, suiting him up in Marvel’s green gear for Ragnarok was a joke nearly two decades in the making.

Well, he may not be reviving his phony MCU version, but Damon’s definitely bringing a character named Loki back to the big screen. Funny guy and nerd extraordinaire Kevin Smith revealed today that Damon’s down to reprise some version of his original Dogma role, as one of who-knows-how-many celebrity cameos in the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

While posting an Insta pic of himself and Damon, Smith noted that Loki’s death in the original Dogma is no great obstacle to bringing him back — at least for a laugh.

Smith’s description of how the costuming effort came together for Damon’s Loki revival makes us wonder just how much (or how little) he’ll resemble the the rebellious seraph we last saw way back in 1999. But it’s probably safe to say that being faithful to the source material will take a back seat to simply being funny.

However he ends up looking as Loki, Damon will reach into his bag of tricks again when Jay and Silent Bob Reboot arrives in theaters on Oct. 15.

If Tesla keeps this up, all they’ll need is a red LED strip up front to take us into full-on Knight Rider territory. 

It hasn’t been but a minute since Tesla announced even more video game additions to the electric vehicles’ growing list of non-driving entertainment options. And now Elon Musk is sharing that Teslas will soon be able to deliver your fix for Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and everything else you could possibly want to binge at Netflix… so long as you don't mind sitting still inside a parked car.

Musk said that both Netflix and YouTube streaming will be coming to Teslas via a software update soon, promising “an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel” thanks to those “comfy seats & surround sound audio.” 

As with all of Tesla’s entertainment perks, though, the feature will only work when you aren’t in motion — at least until the day when self-driving cars are part of our daily lives. While that makes total sense from a driver safety point of view, it sadly puts the kibosh, for now, on our hopes to tranquilize our back-seat passengers by giving them some addictive TV to binge.

Paul Walter Hauser

Disney’s live action return to the world of 101 Dalmatians has just nabbed another cast member, with Paul Walter Hauser set to star alongside Emma Stone in next year's Cruella

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Hauser has been tapped to play a character named Horace in the upcoming Dalmatians origin story, although additional details about the part are still light. 

Originally a stand-up comedian, Hauser’s steadily been building a film resume with notable turns in I, Tonya, Super Troopers 2, BlacKkKlansman, and as the lead in the upcoming Richard Jewell biopic. Directed by Craig Gillespie and also starring Emma Thompson, Cruella is reportedly going for an early-’80s punk aesthetic, with Stone playing a younger-days version of the evil dog-napper. Cruella is set to hit theaters on Dec. 23 of 2020.